another bastard child of Zeus [poem] 

my father accidentally thrust me into being
with a poorly planned affair
though to be fair
all affairs tend to be short on planning
I lucked out
the centuries mellowing Hera’s ire
at another bastard child
another nail in the coffin of Her marriage
to that faithless fool
but I digress
my father was a wanderer
walked the world the way a bored teenager
trolls the neighborhood for something to do
a bored god is a dangerous god
and a bored man has wandering eyes and hands
at least the only damage was me
a little mistake planted in my mother’s womb
no one wants to tend a garden
of ill-sewn seeds and weeds
so needless to say he took no interest in me
but I flourished despite that
became this demigoddess of the dandelion
this mobile muse
carrying inspiration to places with
the tiniest hint of room to grow

-poem by Larissa Lee

three brothers [poem]


when we rose to power
my brothers and I made a pact
we agreed to split the realms three ways
each taking on one for our own
we were young gods still
so we kept it simple
we drew straws
not really thinking it through
Zeus got the skies
king of us all
he also got a constant zap of static
from everything he touched
I watched him learn how to hide the cringe
but no one
not even a god
can stop the telltale crackle of electricity
Poseidon had it harder
his watery kingdom a true change
from all he’d ever known
sometimes he forgets how to breathe air
and I know for a fact
his skin dries viciously when exposed to the sun
my brothers will tell you I had it worst
I became the ruler of the dead
but had to become like them to do it
I’m a little dead inside
a little cold and grey and unmoving
it doesn’t bother me
but then again
nothing bothers a ghost

-poem by Larissa Lee