Dandelion Girls and Other Mythical Creatures – book release!

Dandelion Girls and Other Mythical Creatures, by Larissa Lee

[paperback] [ebook]

My newest poetry collection Dandelion Girls and Other Mythical Creatures has officially been published! This book is a pagan-themed look into my thoughts on mythology and modern life, as well as the magic of the simple things around us.

Here’s a peek at the back cover description:

[all things start with a seed] 


when you look at a field full of dandelion puffs 
do you see wishes or weeds? 
magic or just seeds? 
I see dozens of flowers nobody wanted 
who choose to bloom anyway 


In this case, the seed was a promise to write at least one poem every day for a year. I figured the odds were on my side; they couldn’t all end up lame, right?


Imagine my surprise when a field full of poems sprouted!


Between daydreams and moonbeams, I’ve woven poetry out of my favorite myths and fairytales. Every flower (and every poem) is beautiful in its own way, but this particular collection is focused on putting magic into words.


I played dandelion and scattered these poems across the pagers with no real rhyme or reason. Enjoy the ride, and land wherever the wind takes you.

Dandelions are my favorite flowers. Seriously!

I’ve posted some of these poems before through my blogs and social media, and I will likely do so again and again. Poetry is made for sharing with others. If you choose to pass my words around to your friends and family, I’m all for it!

I appreciate every single like, share, and purchase. A middle schooler used one of my poems for a school project just last month, and it was mind-blowing and awesome and just… wow. Nothing makes a creator feel better than having others enjoy their creations.



another bastard child of Zeus [poem] 

my father accidentally thrust me into being
with a poorly planned affair
though to be fair
all affairs tend to be short on planning
I lucked out
the centuries mellowing Hera’s ire
at another bastard child
another nail in the coffin of Her marriage
to that faithless fool
but I digress
my father was a wanderer
walked the world the way a bored teenager
trolls the neighborhood for something to do
a bored god is a dangerous god
and a bored man has wandering eyes and hands
at least the only damage was me
a little mistake planted in my mother’s womb
no one wants to tend a garden
of ill-sewn seeds and weeds
so needless to say he took no interest in me
but I flourished despite that
became this demigoddess of the dandelion
this mobile muse
carrying inspiration to places with
the tiniest hint of room to grow

-poem by Larissa Lee

dandelion girl [poems]


they call you a weed
frown when you show up to their
perfect gardens
don’t let their
limited definition of beautiful
color your flowers
less desirable than the rose
you are the beautiful survivor
evolved to take no shit
to keep spreading your
bright yellow smiles

make a wish
dandelion girl
let it go
fluffy seeds
floating in the air
you are invincible
to droughts
and floods 
and poisons alike
immortal dreamer
wish granter
you are

-poems by Larissa Lee

NOTE: these two poems both came from me contemplating how it feels to be a dandelion, and I couldn’t choose two different titles, so… they got posted together.

Dandelion [poem]


my favorite flower is the lion’s tooth
the puffball cousin of the strong sunflower
fortuneteller and wishgranter
her blossom is a yellow sunlight
concentrated in tiny circles of petals
her leaves are bitter greens
an oft ignored feast grown freely in every climate
everywhere across this country
she doesn’t do limits
or lines
her seeds floating past our arbitrary borders
to spread her presence
her roots dig deep and wide
and cannot be removed by simply digging her up
you foolish gardner
you think she’s a bane
to your picture perfect garden
but no
she is life after the violence
and the poison
and even after the fire
she is the survivor’s role model
a reminder
that the spirit is indestructible even when under attack
she is a resilient being
sister to the ever-returning phoenix
and still you call her
just another

-poem by Larissa Lee