Life – a work in progress

I know, I know.

I said I was joining BookTube, and then I disappeared. The truth is… life happened, in a good way, and I had to choose which projects where most important to me. As a writer, that meant taking a new opportunity to work on my catalog of works, even though it took up more of my free time than intended.

To be fair, I also started a new job after a brief stint as an unemployed person (ugh) and found myself included in socialization opportunities with friends (YAY). As a firm believer in seeking my own comfort and happiness as a form of self-care, I chose to focus on my writing with the bits of spare time I have. For me, that means I’m reading less and writing more… which isn’t bad, per se, but it doesn’t help with creating BookTube videos.

I still intend to participate in BookTube here and there, because it’s a wonderful community. But much of what I’m working on right now is offline.

This month, I’m releasing Dandelion Girls and Other Mythical Creatures, a poetry collection full of mythology and modern life mixed together. I’ll be sharing bits and pieces from the book as the days go by; consider them teasers, luring you in until you decide to buy a copy of the entire book.


Get the Ball Rolling!

So… I finally did it. I made a rambling BookTube intro video and posted it online. AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Honestly, I found myself making excuse after excuse as to why I hadn’t started my channel yet. Oh, I need to finish updating my profiles on various websites. Oh, wait, I need to dust and reorganize the shelves. Oh, I should make sure I have the perfect lighting and recording setup before I start. Oh, I can’t post anything until I have a good editor to work with.


I’m done with excuses. Period.

I still have SO MANY THINGS I want/need to get done, both as a book reviewer and a writer. It’s a bit of a jumbled mess, between my poetry project (still writing at least one new poem per day), my fanfiction, my original stories, my reading list, and now my YouTube channel. I’m not sure what will happen when, or how I’ll get any of it done. But… why not drag you along for the ride and see what happens? 

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YouTube thoughts

Now that I’m finally on YouTube, I’m finding it easier to be comfortable with myself. Maybe it’s the season, or maybe I’ve just changed since my original thoughts on vlogging. Either way, I’m here now.

So… what do I post?

I’ve started two channels, largely by accident. The first is Larissa Lee, a channel for my book reviews and random reader/writer related vlogs. It’s a way of getting myself involved in the YouTube community (BookTube, in this case) and feeling connected with people I already listen to daily. It’s weird to have a one-sided relationship, so posting my own stuff opens up a two-way street.

The second channel is for this blog, called Larissa Lee’s Scribbles (surprise… not!). I haven’t posted to it yet, because I’m working on where to begin. I want that channel to be just like this blog, pagan and open to whatever amuses or interests me at the time. Still, I have to start somewhere! I’m thinking of taking my About page and fleshing it out into a post, to give people an idea of who I am (and/or warn them that my videos won’t be their cup o’ tea).

Eventually, I’m going to finally do those pagan vlogs/lessons that I talked about so long ago. I’m done with excuses and delays!

Do you have any ideas or preferences for my posts? Do you have a channel you’d like to share?

Book Review: “Interfaced” by Emerson Doering

I vlogged my first book review! The book was Interfaced by Emerson Doering, an ebook that was on sale (i.e. free) when I found it. Pixel of Ink listed it on the daily deals post just a few weeks ago, I believe.

Rating on Goodreads: 4 stars

Would I recommend this book? Yes.

– I love the way the girl’s experiences are detailed, from her first experience moving toys with her mind to her eventual abilities after surgery. I also love the way we see the doctor’s issues with anger and fear. He has a legitimate panic attack while speaking in public, which we discover is largely based on a prior negative experience that included injury.

– I love the conspiracy that runs through the story.

– The author’s voice takes some getting used to, because he uses lots of partial sentences (like someone Southern is reading you a story). For a grammar fiend, it’s hard to get past at first. However, it’s clearly a style choice and not accidental errors.

– I dislike the epilogue; it’s too wrapped up in a bow and skips the emotions of adjusting to who’s died, what’s changed, etc. I like loose ends to be taken care of, but this epilogue just didn’t work for me.

– I absolutely hated the two boys (Pale Eyes and Adam?) that were eluded to repeatedly. I thought the main character had been raped, but it turns out to be non-sexual violence. I won’t ruin anything else, just know that they aren’t rapists.

– It was often hard to follow most action scenes visually, because too much was going at the same time. I’d lose track of who threw that thing over there, or exactly how someone was laying after falling to the ground.

YouTube: I finally did it!

So I finally did it! I sat down and filmed something for YouTube!

The original plan had been for a pagan-based channel, with videos to cover basic topics and discussion ideas. Eventually, I might do just that. My problem has been the format; I feel too boring and blocky when I read from notes, but it’s hard to talk to a camera about spirituality without feeling silly.

The solution?

I started with BookTubing (vlogging about books) instead. I’ve been in a funk, having read only half a dozen books in 2013. This year, I’ve set a goal to read 100 books by the end of 2014 AND to review them on Goodreads. I’m focusing on all of the free ebooks I’ve purchased through Pixel of Ink. I figure it’ll give smaller authors some attention and give me a chance to try out some stuff I might not read otherwise.

I only have two videos up so far, because I don’t want to go crazy and flood YouTube with junk (that no one’s watching). Over time, I’ll play with a second channel for pagan stuff; I figure I’ll get used to talking to a green dot on my computer, and then I’ll be ready.

All of that said, I’m not blogging much at the moment. I have coven classes twice a week, registration here at work, books to read for my videos, and an anime I’ve promised to watch subbed with my roomie. There are only so many hours in a day, so I’ve left off on reading the news every day and posting blogs almost daily. I’m figuring out what schedule will best suit me… hopefully it’s not too annoying here while I adjust.

Peace out!