About my blogs

My posts are colored by who and what I am, so a bit of background:

  • I’m a pagan. That means I’m non-Christian, I worship nature, and I have a love for spirituality. It also influences my beliefs on equality in all forms, as well as environmental issues.
  • I’m a flexitarian. I eat vegetarian and vegan meals occasionally, and I love bacon. I avoid preservatives and am allergic to fake sugars (and most household cleaners). This influences my views on food and health.
  • I’m polyamorous. That means I live an alternative lifestyle that involves a complex family and interconnected relationships; it also means I’m non-monogamous. This influences my views on marriage, family, and “traditional values”.
  • I’m an armybrat, and I was an army wife. I recognize the challenges and costs of being involved with the military. That influences my views on war, violence, and military actions.
  • I’m a woman. Obviously, that means I care about women’s rights, health choices, and overall equality. I also happen to be very traditionally-feminine, wearing skirts everyday by my own choice. This influences my views as quite feminist, but I happen to love men and think we can solve everything via proper choices and communication.
  • I’m a college-educated person whose job has nothing to do with her education. I was an English major with an education minor, but my job is customer relations and data entry; those skills came from being part of the digital generation and working retail for a few years. This influences my views on education, college, and the economy.
  • I’m cable-free. I have Netflix and Hulu, and all of my entertainment needs come through those sites or Youtube. That influences my views on tech and entertainment.
  • I love BBC shows. Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin. I like the focus on plot over sex and violence (see True Blood, Sparta: Blood and Sand, etc.). This influences my views on entertainment as well, and it means I pay more attention to world entertainment than most people. (I also listen to K-Pop and other Asian music. Lots of multi-cultural entertainment is enjoyed in my house!)
  • I’m a Trekkie. I’m not hardcore; I have no tattoos, I don’t speak Klingon, and I haven’t seen many of the movies (or some of the series). I’ve seen a few Star Wars movies, and I’m not impressed; it’s just not my cup of tea, much to my roommates’ chagrin. This influences my views on anything Trek-related, as well as my enjoyment of tech advancements that reflect Star Trek technologies.

Update: December 17, 2015

Hmm… these things are all still true. I’m surprised to see that I wrote something so specific and yet so general; for example, the label “pagan” fits everything I’ve ever been, while using a label like “Wiccan” or “animist” is more limiting and doesn’t grow with me as well along the way. I might play with this page over the winter break, just to spice things up.

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