part time lover [poem]


loving me is a part time position
benefits include
flexible hours
limited responsibility
and an amazingly diverse meal plan
I don’t want you around all of the time
I don’t need a keeper
or a pet
we can meet up whenever there’s a bit
of time to spare between our two busy lives
I don’t want you to fix my depression
or raise my self-esteem
I don’t need a therapist
or a live-in psychologist trying to
piece me together
our time together will buoy my spirit
like a good time should
or we wouldn’t be here right now
I love to cook
exploring the world with the tip of my tongue
I’ll invite you along if you’re game
but I don’t need you there
I can enjoy a new dish without you
this is what is means to be my part time lover
I don’t need you
to fill a full time position in my life
but you’re welcome to play a part
in my bigger picture

-poem by Larissa Lee

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