TFiOS and sad songs

I just finished The Fault in Our Stars (TFiOS), and the song “Broken” by Lindsey Haun came to mind:

When you’re broken
In a million little pieces
And your tryin’
But you can’t hold on any more
Every tear falls down for a reason
Don’t you stop believin’ in your self
When you’re broken

I love having my heart broken by a beautiful song, a sad story, or a poignant plot twist. I love the ache, the feeling of empty-but-fullness that someone else’s creativity can bring into my being. I love imperfect, not-so-happy endings.


PS: Reading TFiOS, I came to the realization that my first novel might be far different from what I’ve always assumed I would write. I read romance and fantasy, so I always guessed that my own writing would reflect that… but I find the stories in my head that speak the loudest have always been more reality and less imagination. I can’t wait to see what trickles into the digital aether from my fingertips.


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