Why I Might Go Bald, and other newsie news

Today is one of those days where I’ve seriously considered shaving my head bald.

I brush my hair before I shower each morning, because I know it can tangle when wet. I also condition it thoroughly after it’s washed. This morning, even with my attempts to be pre-detangled, I ended up with a small bird’s nest knot in the middle of my hair. I fought with it for about ten minutes, adding extra conditioner and finger-combing it out.

In the end, I lost a chunk of hair (probably broken from the rest by the struggle). The whole thing made me wish I liked short hair. Ugh!

My hair is in timeout now, tucked into a loose bun to be ignored until later. My plans to try doing a cute, loose braid have died an irritated death.

While I fume over the difficulties of long hair, enjoy today’s newsie news udpate.


Eric Holder To State AGs: You Don’t Have To Defend Gay Marriage Bans

Random circular thought: If Arizona passes their law allowing businesses and individuals to refuse service based on religious feelings… and the Attorney General of a state decides it’s against his religion to judge others… then couldn’t he just refuse to provide service to the state as a defender of the gay marriage ban in question?

Thanks to our complicated legal system, there is technically a legal argument to support ANYTHING. Shoplifting… murder… vandalism… assault. Just because there’s something out there to construe as legally supportive of an idea or action doesn’t mean that idea or action is worthy of support.

Uganda Newspaper Names ‘200 Top’ Homosexuals After President Signs Anti-Gay Law

Any law that endangers or punishes an adult person for participating in non-harmful, non-violent activities with other consenting adults is a stupid law. Period.

Sometimes the West can be pushy about societal beliefs and standards, but we do have lines. We don’t accept child marriage, sexual violence, racial or gender suppression, incest, beastiality, or murder. The West refuses to accept another country’s decision to embrace any of those ideas. We also refuse to accept discrimination against people for being different, be it religiously, culturally, or sexually.

Protect Yourself From Secondhand Stress

This is the cause of many of my life decisions, including the choice to put off having a baby, leaving the coven, not writing my book, etc. Other people’s stresses really weigh me down, especially when I care about them deeply.

However, the good news is I’m learning to handle that stress more effectively. I accept it, breathe through it, and let it go; it’s not my life, so I literally have no control over the situation. Think “not my job, not my problem”.

Florida man delivers baby when doctor, nurses leave his wife alone in room

If you have to deliver the baby yourself, that means you get to avoid the fees that pay the doctor, right? Okay, I’ll be fair: If the doctor administered the medicine to induce labor, he can have half of the usual fees. However, if a nurse administered the drug… tough luck, doc!

This is an example of the shitty attitude some nurses take toward patients, too. Every patient is important, and a woman in the final stages of labor is just as important as a woman in need of a C-section; both women require assistance to deliver their babies, and having a nurse stay behind would’ve been the smart option.

Add this to the list of reasons why I don’t like hopsitals: disinfectant smells, exagerated prices, unnecessary prodecures and medications, bad attitude from the staff.

(Note: Our local hopsital had horrid nurses when my best friend gave birth a few years ago. If it were legal to have a gun in the hospital, they probably wouldn’t survive with their attitudes toward people in general.)

Dick Cheney: Obama Would Rather Spend Money On Food Stamps Than A Strong Military

How is this a bad thing? Our troops will never go without the equipment they need (vs want, like internet access). We’ve all seen the reports of new jets and ships immediately warehoused due to uselessness.

Why not feed the hungry? Why not help those who struggle to make ends meet? I mean, I’m not a Christian, but it seems like God would be more inclined to spend money on the poor than on war.

Draconian Abortion Restrictions Advance In Alabama Legislature

The only good thing about states trying to pass these kinds of laws is the fact they’re forcing the hand of the SCOTUS. The Court will have to side with the autonomy of women (not hosts) over these extreme attempts to prevent choice.

The problem is their approach. When you swing too far left or right, the Court is forced to rebalance the law (even if they don’t like it). So when states push so far right that they chip away at women’s rights and basic medical care in addition to abortion access, the Court is required to side with women and push the issue back toward center.

States could probably get away with 20-week bans, thanks to new technology and conservative judges. They could probably argue some regulations as necessary, even if their reasons are dubious at best. But banning abortyion at 6-8 weeks, when a woman might not even test as pregnant on your average pregnancy test? That’s unreasonable, hands down.


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