Friday and newsie news


I could do a happy dance! Tomorrow is my friend’s birthday, so we’re going to Austin for a visit. I’m also getting some crafty stuff done for myself and others, including digital projects (like finally digitizing all of my pagan notes and poems this weekend).

Enjoy the weekend!


How Gap’s Minimum Wage Pledge Is Already Paying Off

When a business chooses to bump up their own minimum wage without being forced, they choose to bump up their social standing with some good PR. I don’t like or dislike the Gap (they’re just not my style), but this was a smart move in a world with a short memory and attention span.

Why Amazon’s Collaboration With the CIA Is So Ominous — and Vulnerable

Buy from other places, people! I’ve already promised myself some Etsy goods next holiday season (and birthdays), because I want to support small businesses and artists; this article just cements the need for creative present acquisition.

Also, please note: When you pay an artist or shop through Etsy and other online marketplaces, they get the majority of your money. When a customer purchased $50 of goods from Natural Nuances, we earned $47 after fees; there’s a difference between lining a CEO’s pockets and helping to pay someone’s electric bill. Support small businesses!

Okay, enough soapboxing. LOL!

Why Do Your Kid’s Allergies Mean My Kid Can’t Have a Birthday?

Being part of an allergy-suffering household, I get that food allergies are a thing. However, it’s getting ridiculous! If your child can’t eat human food, then you need to be responsible for providing options when everyone else is snacking. Not me, not the other moms and dads of the class. You.

If the “allergy” is actually just an intolerance, educate your child and roll with it. Seriously, if all they’ll get is a gurgly gut, it’s NOT a big deal to let them eat gluten or whatever.

And as a whole food lover, I’d be appalled to find my child constantly offered preservative-stuffed crap for birthdays and snack times. I’d probably just provide bananas and call it a day!

FDA Asked to Approve Creation of Genetically Modified Children

This reminds me of a book series… but I can’t remember the name. I remember that part of the plot had to do with some people choosing to make natural babies, and that wasn’t normal, or socially acceptable. The society had “evolved” to the point of selective biology, so extra DNA for athleticism, musical skill, and similar traits were all bought and added to embryos.

Then there’s Andromeda and the Nietzscheans. They were humans once, but they started selectively engineering more strength, agility, and skill into themselves (along with bone blades protruding from their wrists). Eventually, they stopped scientifically adding and changing themselves; instead, they started breeding for the best traits. Naming your lineage like a race horse was a standard greeting, and those with good blood mated more often than those of lesser lines.

I’m not saying we’re headed there. I’m just saying the thought has crossed our imaginative minds before…


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