When Science Runs the World, and newsie news

I’d like to live in a world where Science ruled everything. Religion would be allowed the same way we’re allowed to enjoy heavy metal or always get coffee from Starbucks, but it wouldn’t play into the laws and regulations holding everyone (and everything) in check.

Imagine it. Cars would run on the highest MPG, and eventually we’d switch to hydrocars and/or electric. Coal and oil use would be phased out in favor of alternative energy sources as global warming was actually addressed in a large-scale manner. Issues like abortion, gay marriage, and marijuana legalization (or drug decriminalization in general) would be solved by working with the facts and ignoring personal feelings on the issues.

In fact, marriage would probably evolve into a more contracted arrangement like a civil union (but with all the rights), allowing the actual marriage ceremony to be, well, ceremonial and held by whatever religious organization the couple desires.

We would educate our youth toward a brighter future, instead of holding them back with religious arguments over what to teach and backroom deals that demand education cuts from an already over-tapped educational system.

I could go on and on. Just imagine a world where Science was king.

Obama Sparks All-Out Revolt Over Socially Conservative Judicial Nominee

You never get a clean deal with a dirty devil. Accepting four conservative nominees in trade for getting two “liberal” nominees into lifetime positions is a travesty!

To be fair, these should have at least been a half-and-half approach to the nominees, allowing them to balance each other out in political views and potential rulings.

U.S. Scientists Reach ‘Turning Point’ In Quest For Fusion Energy

I’m going to fly my geek flag and say Fantastic!!! I really hope these scientists succeed in creating viable nuclear fusion tech in my lifetime. We discussed the idea and science of it in my freshman year of high school (environmental science class, actually); I love the thought of waste-free energy.

Wendy Davis Blurs Abortion Position, But Hangs Onto Abortion-Rights Backers

See, there’s a difference. Ban all abortions after 20 weeks based on false science about fetuses feeling pain… or ban all but medically necessary abortions after 20 weeks based on technology’s ability to keep a preemie alive outside of the mother at that point sometimes.

Wendy is playing it smart. She’s accepting a conservative position into her fold, but she’s pointing out why it failed previously and how to fix it as well (the exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the fetus or mother). I really hope she becomes my governor.

Kentucky Gay Marriage Ruling Looks To Precedents

To the people who complain and state that gay marriage is a states’ rights issue: Slavery was a states’ rights issue, too. Then we, as a nation, made it a national thing. Now there’s no more slavery.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Ted Cruz Demand Ensnares GOP Leaders In Debt Ceiling Vote

To any Republican candidates who might consider running with Cruz in 2016, remember… this is what you’ll be signing up for. Then again, I think he’d be a clear signal on any ticket that you weren’t serious about getting elected. He’s like an articulate Palin.

Any Minimum Wage Raise Must Include ‘Significant’ Hike For Restaurant Servers

It’s wrong that a customer can completely control whether or not you pay your bills this month. It doesn’t matter how nice you are, how attentive, or how quick your service is. If someone isn’t a tipper, you’re screwed out of income.

That’s not fair. Period.

Go European. Instead of tipping to pay the person for their service, make their wage livable and let tips be positive reinforcement for good service. Non-tippers could skip the tip without any worry, and tippers with tight budgets could stop feeling guilty for a small tip.

South Dakota Bill Threatens Abortion Providers With Life In Prison

Yes, let’s throw doctors into prison for performing a medical procedure. After all, there’s such a surplus of physicians! They won’t be missed. [/sarcasm]

I hope this bill not only fails, but causes such a dramatic backlash that a bill is passed protecting the rights of doctors who stay within the law (as defined by Roe v Wade).

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