Pagan Night Out, Birthdays, and the newsie news

Tomorrow is my mum’s birthday, as well as Pagan Night Out. I’m super excited!

I’m going to call my mom for a chat after work, give her the happy-birthday stuff you give awesome moms. Then we’ll shovel down some dinner before PNO starts. We’re going to announce our shop, hand out business cards, and show off a few of our items; this is our big chance to market Natural Nuances to the local Pagan community.

It’d be an awesome birthday present for myself if we succeeded in getting locals to spread the word. For one, free publicity is free publicity. For two, I love and respect my local community and would love to succeed because of its support. And three, I hope others find some of my Pagan-specific items worth purchasing, because I could use the pat on the back.

For now, we look to the news for entertainment. Tomorrow I’ll update on how PNO went.


House Passes ‘Clean’ Debt Limit Bill After Republicans Capitulate

I’m pleasantly surprised by this news. We can only hope that a hint of cooperation (on both sides) will continue to move forward through the year.

Belgium Euthanasia Legislation: Lawmakers Set To Extend Right-To-Die Law To Children

If someone is dying and in pain, and there is absolutely no hope to save them from their condition… why does age matter?

If my child was dying from cancer and had no treatment options left, I’d break as I watch her slowly die over months or even years of deteriorating health. I’d feel powerless, unable to remove the pain and suffering from my own child. If they could ask for relief, and a doctor could give it to them… I’d go for it. No coercion, no debate. If my baby wanted out, I’d open the door and let them go.

Yellowstone Park Considers Slaughtering Bison By The Hundreds

On one hand, it makes sense to cull an over-sized herd. A large population can cause ecological and environmental problems in an area.

On the other hand, bison belong in the Yellowstone-Montana area more so than humans. The article points out that other disease-exposed herbivores like elks are allowed free range.

Side note: If wolves and other predators weren’t feared and hunted to near-extinction, they could help to curve the population of the bison. When you remove the natural predators of a prey animal, it will always start to overpopulate the area.

Ted Cruz To Force Senate Republicans To Vote Yes On Debt Ceiling Hike

I hope that he gets smacked down by everyone, Democrat and Republican alike. This man is a sore on the backside of the GOP, and they need to learn their lesson and stop listening to him (or cooperating with his antics).

Barbie To Appear In Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

WTF? So… Barbie’s disproportionate figure is being compared to and equated with famous models like Heidi Klum, under the guise that she’s just trying to “be unapologetic” about her “self”.

OH PLEASE! There’s a difference between a female human choosing to stand up and celebrate herself and her career (thin or curvy), and a friggin’ DOLL that’s been an anatomically impossible sex symbol for decades.


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