“Winter” Olympics and the newsie news

There are days when you’re moody without any particular reason. Today is one of those days, and I’m having none of it.

Since I have nothing nice to say about my personal life experiences today, enjoy the news instead.


Sochi Chief: No Need To Use Stored Snow — Yet

Just look at the weather here in Texas! Brrrr!!!

Just look at the weather here in Texas! Brrrr!!!

This makes me giggle! Yesterday, we had a decent ten degree difference almost all day too.

Why Are So Many Boys Leaving High School Thinking Rape Is Funny?

^All of this. I can’t write an opinion on something so true without just copy-pasting the whole thing here.

‘Abortion will make women child sex abusers’ independent clinics warn

So America isn’t necessarily alone at the top of the assinine pile when it comes to women’s rights. It makes me sad, actually; I’d always thought that moving to England when I win the lottery would solve my problem of being female in a country of dicks.

I Wasn’t Ready for Marriage

He says it all: “If there’s one thing about life that I wish everyone would consider — particularly my peers, and those younger than me — it’s that you’ll never do the big things if you’re waiting until you’re ready to do them. You’ll never be ready. You. Will. Never. Be. Ready.”

This is why I’m finally trying to have a baby. If I wait until everything’s in line, money is saved, and everyone is 100% ready… I’ll die of old age before becoming a mother. Sometimes you have to take the leap without knowing where you’ll land.

One Month After West Virginia Spill, Officials At Congressional Hearing Still Short On Answers

No one wants to commit to saying the water in West Virginia is safe because it might not be. That’s the harsh reality. When our governmental and state regulations allow companies to use untested chemicals without having to pass strict registration and safety requirements, you get what you ask for.

Our laws require that consumers and scientists prove that a chemical in an available product is dangerous, instead of making a company prove that a chemical is safe before using it in their products. Seriously, that’s how much leeway we’ve given corporations in our country; they have the right to poison us, as long as there’s no science to prove they’ve done so.

Nevada Withdraws Efforts To Uphold Gay Marriage Ban

I love to hear when people realize that gay marriage is going to happen, and they accept it. Sometimes I get jealous of the LGBT rights fight; it feels like they’ve succeeded more often than the women’s rights fight ever has, and in a shorter period of time.

Of course, they’ve paid a higher cost. Women haven’t been beaten bloody just for being women in public (i.e. there aren’t really any women hate groups, just the usual rapists and murderers). LGBT people, on the other hand, have been beaten and killed just for being themselves, often by complete strangers.

I hope everyone can find equality and peaceful coexistance in my lifetime.

Random Interruption of Personal Thoughts

Okay, so I did manage to think of something a bit positive about my own life to share. My mom’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and my friend Paula’s birthday are all coming up in the next week. That excludes various birthdays for other cousins and relatives; we made a LOT of February babies.

For birthday celebration, I’ve got some plans for Monday, since we’re all off work (including Paula). We’re going to have fun, play some Magic: The Gathering, see a movie, and get some sushi together. It’ll be fun to hang out and do stuff, as opposed to sitting around the house per our usual habit. I don’t see Paula often, either, so that’ll be nice.

So yeah. Life isn’t all bad, even in my moody corner.

What I Hope I Never Teach You: A Letter to My Daughter

It’s awe-inspiring, the innocent love-of-all that children display. They’re born accepting all strangers as greetable human beings, until they learn who is and isn’t an “acceptable” person to interact with. We could all do with a more smiles and a fewer hesitant gazes.


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