Busy bees and newsies news

Aren’t we all just a bunch of busy bees?

I spent a few hours this morning preparing my desk for whoever replaces me. When I started in that position, I was given nothing: no notes, no forms, no SOPs. I had to learn on the fly, along with a relatively new Director. Thankfully, we were able to figure out most things with a few phone calls and emails asking around for information. Still, I don’t think it’s right to leave someone in a lurch like that.

I’m nervous about starting my new position. So much is expected of me, especially since I’ve worked in this same department for about 3.5 years now. I’m supposed to know everything! Adding to my nerves is the return to socialization; the department is a tribe that I’ve been away from for over a year, and I’m not sure how easily they’ll settle into having me around again.

On top of this job stuff, I’m planning out how to paint the custom smudging fan requested of me. We’re finishing up all of our custom orders tonight, then posting them tomorrow for review by the buyer. Assuming she likes and purchases them, we’ll be able to ship everything out Friday afternoon. For our first physical item order, this one is HUGE!

Parting Words: The Visual Story Of Death Row Prisoners’ Last Words

This is… an interesting representation of those who were placed on death row. I’ve been contemplating my views on the death penalty recently, especially with a few dozen exhonorations occuring last year.

Part of me is a fury. If you murder someone with malicious intent, you deserve to die. Period. But another part of me believes in forgiveness, and love.

Logic makes it harder to define what’s best. If you imprison someone for life, you make everyone (taxpayers) pay for him to live better than many of the poor. If you kill him, you remove that cost while ending a human life. If you let someone out of jail after a set period of time, especially after a purposeful murder, you’re saying that the shorter prison sentence is the value of the deceased’s life. There is no winning situation.

11-yr-old Boy Bullied for Being A Brony Fighting for Life After Suicide Attempt; How You Can Help

UPDATE: What It Means When an 11-Year-Old Attempts Suicide

I’m incredibly sad that this boy felt like suicide was an answer, and I’m deeply touched by the public response. Bronys have shown tremendous online support, the cast of My Little Ponys has recorded personalized messages, his favorite artists have stepped in… people in general have rallied together in support for Michael Morones.

His family is far kinder than I would be. They want everyone to learn from this situation, while I’d be a fire-breathing dragon of anger over the whole thing. Good for them.

Haslam proposes free community college

Brilliant! By funneling money into two years of community college for all graduating high school students, Tennessee will definitely find more people enrolling in college. Affordability is a large block for many people, and removing the costs of technical and community college education would let students approach active fields immediately after graduation.

For example, a student can go straight into a nursing program like the one at our college; nurses are in short supply, so there are always jobs available. Actually, many medical jobs are available at the community college level: nursing, phlebotomy, pharmacy technician, medical transcription, etc.

An Ode to My Postpartum Body

I wholeheartedly agree: This body is a vessel for my spirit. The creation of one human inside of another IS awe-inspiring when you think about it. Why would anyone hate a body that could do something so amazing?

The Home Office Worker’s Tale

Being computerless, I remember this feeling well. My laptop quit on me shortly after I made a few backup discs… then JD’s laptop quit on us without any backup and a sighed and moved on… then I got stuck sharing computers in three different places… then my USB containing my current projects took a dump. SO SAD!!!

Proof That You Can Be A Wildly Talented Dancer At Any Size

If you need some body-positive reminders, watch this lady dance!


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