February Eve and the newsie news

For those of you who aren’t pagan, February Eve is the mid-mark of winter, the promise of spring’s approach. It happens around Groundhog’s Day (convenient for those with bad memories).

For me, it’s the reminder that my birthday is coming. I’ve become overly practical with my “old age” (all of 27 years on this planet), so birthdays are neither a woot nor a boohoo. Instead, they’re a mile marker along the road.

I have hopes and plans, especially if everything goes my way. I’d love to find out I was successfully pregnant for my birthday… I’d love to see our tax returns arrive in time for me to get my own laptop (finally!)… and I’d love to see a couple more sales on Etsy.

We’ll see what February brings!

Why it would be crazy to ban e-cigarettes

I have to appreciate that this writer took the time to point out how adults are underestimating the “impressionable youth” when they assume that anyone sees glamour in smoking.

Many of the smokers I knew in high school started for social reasons (i.e. their friends were smoking), with the others largely coming from smoking households (mom and/or dad already smoked). No one just picked up a cigarette one day and decided to start an expensive and unhealthy lifelong habit.

Ukraine justice minister warns of state of emergency

I know so little about the politics of other countries; I have no clue what they’re fighting about in the Ukraine. It sounds like the situation stems from issues like free speech and choosing their allies (EU vs Russia). I hope the violence ends soon, for everyone’s sake.

Syria: Enough Is Enough

No. Period.

I’m tired of old, non-military men deciding that war is the answer to anything. If you haven’t paid your dues AND you can’t do so now, then you shouldn’t have a say. Let the young soldiers decide if they want to fight someone else’s fight, because they’re the ones whose lives will be cut short.

Acknowledge That Rape Is Rape and 5 Other Steps to Combat Sexual Violence

#5 Teach Children Not to Rape: “Looking at the shocking number of campus rapes at fraternities, sororities, sports teams and clubs — all of whom have faculty advisors, coaches or other formal adult supervision — it is clear that we have failed to teach children — especially boys — not to rape.”

Sometimes I pray for a son first, if only to bring another positive male role model into this world.

Oklahoma Lawmakers Consider Preventing All Marriage

That’s actually a GREAT idea! If we got rid of marriage, individuals would qualify for stuff on their own… or be allowed to sign contracted partnership papers with whomever they have living arrangements. In my case, there’d be a 4-way contract!

If it were enforced everywhere, contracted partnerships could be a blessing. If allowing couples (or 3’s and 4’s of people) to buy a house together under contract was the norm, then people could choose to invest in properties that the group could afford. Living with additional people (roommates) is the new normal; contracts would just make the arrangement more beneficial for everyone, instead of it being a thing of necessity and survival.

Washington Elementary School Principal, Claudia Alves, Disciplined For Using N-Word To Students

So… how can a word be too vulgar to even be explained? I mean, if you’re going to have kids say “negro” over and over during a play, you might as well let them know that it isn’t a heated word like “nigger”. They have to grow up eventually.

Map: Publically Funded Schools That Teach Creationism

A part of me wants to allow schools to be stupid… and then make colleges remain intelligent. In other words, good luck to any kids who attend (and believe) these creationist schools; I hope they don’t want to go into STEM fields of study.

Then again, that’s unfair to children who go where their parents tell them to… or children in areas only serviced by one high school.

Walmart To Lay Off 2,300 Sam’s Club Employees

Let me point out how terrifying it is to work retail now. They’re talking about laying off the assistant managers of stores with weak sales. Assistant managers. That means that people at the top of the store’s food chain aren’t safe; there is NO job security of the top tier of management on-site can be canned so easily.

Eulogy for a Herding Dog

Until Mina, I’ve never been attached to an animal. My fish died, and it was lame. My cats were too anti-social to be considered anything but acquaintances. It wasn’t until my sweet pup walked in the door that I understood (without patronization) the way people feel about their furry family members.

Green Burials Reflect Shift To Care For The Body, Soul And Earth

I have vacillated between cremation and green burial for years, with organ donation prior to that process. My thought is this: I have no spiritual need to be buried whole, and saving more lives with my empty body is a positive thing.

I’m considering other options, too. Donating my body to research comes to mind, as does the idea of having my cremated remains turned into part of a coral reef.

When it comes down to it, though, I want the cheapest and most eco-friendly funeral available. My family doesn’t need to take out a loan to bury me! And I like the Wiccan ritual for death, a Passing. My death is just another beginning, and I want my loved ones to know and accept that as fact; I don’t want anyone dwelling on it.


One thought on “February Eve and the newsie news

  1. What I love about February 2 is that boom! all of a sudden bam! you really notice that the days are getting longer~~and chickens in their light influenced laying cycles notice it, too! That’s when egg production starts to pick up after a resting cycle during the dark days of winter.

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