On living in small countries, and other newsie news

Random thought: As I read through BBC news and other international events, I have to wonder… what is it like to live in such a small country? The United Kingdom has a slightly smaller land mass than Texas (241,000 to our 262,000 square miles), while their population is a bit more than double. Imagine if Texas were a country, rather than a piece of a huge pie. What is it like to live in and run such a small space? Maybe THAT is why we don’t hear about the same kinds of drama over events in the UK… they just deal with it more easily thanks to size?\


6 Shocking Realities of the Secret ‘Troubled Teen Industry’

Oh sweet Jeezus!

I already knew about these “camps” and “schools” for behavioral “correction”. I just didn’t know that the law was on their side. So sad…

Don’t Rule Out A ‘Sherlock’ Movie Just Yet, Says Steven Moffat

That’s just silly! I’m a fangoddess, through and through, but Sherlock is already a movie… in three installments apiece! An actual movie would just be a shortened season, all combined into one showing; considering the way we watch Sherlock (i.e. one season per sitting), there’s almost no difference other than the time that lapses. And hell! If you made a movie, it’d be too short to be as good as a three-episode season’s storyline!

Instead, we could focus on making five episodes per season or something similarly awesome… >:D

Obama Targeting College Sexual Assault Epidemic

He’s swinging blind. Sexual assaults in college go unreported thanks to the unfair habit our society (including the police) has of blaming the victim. She was drinking or doing drugs. Not a victim. She was wearing less fabric than you use to make a Barbie dress. Not a victim. She was studying with her friend Bob and didn’t scream when he started to rape her. Not a victim.

If you want more women to have a voice, you have to make more men willing to listen. Police need to treat EVERY claim of rape as a serious offense, whether or not violence was directly involved. Retrain them, and redefine what constitutes a rape. Until the Old Guard dies out or retires, the very authorities who are meant to protect us will be useless due to their own inadequacies.

Beware! Pearson’s Plan for Education Is Coming to a Country Near You

So yeah… did I mention I’m all for homeschooling? Actually, I plan to offer several options to my children over the years. They can choose homeschooling if they ever decide public school is too much BS for them. They can drop out and get a GED. They can attend an online (accredited) school to graduate early.

Education is the goal. If my kid is brainy and wants to pursue coding, I’ll pay for whatever is needed to get them access to coding courses at a local college or private tutor. Hell, I’d learn THAT with them!

I just refuse to participate in the crappiest parts of our education system. My children will NOT bring in new school supplies every year; I’ll send him to class with exactly what’s needed for his personal use.

(Note: I just depressed myself. Our Texas state testing starts in third grade, and it’s used to determine promotion into fourth grade… so skipping tests may not be an option. I really REALLY hope things change before my kid is school-aged.)

Supreme Court Hearing Arguments On Child Pornography Restitution

I don’t think a child pornography creator or user has any right to fight off lawsuits for restitution. You beat your meat to pictures of a kid. You are almost less than human. Now go sit in jail and watch your estate dissolve into payments toward your victim(s).

Kentucky Lawmaker Claims Abortion Is ‘The Most Brutal Form Of Domestic Violence’

…sure… You totally attached that anti-abortion 20-week limit amendment to the domestic violence bill for the children. I mean, it’s totally related! After all, the best way to help abused women is to force them to carry their abuser’s baby to term; visitation times are always so much fun for the family! [/sarcasm]

Six Same-Sex Couples File Lawsuit For Marriage Rights In Florida

I hope to see Florida, Virginia, and Utah all recognize gay marriage by summer. I hear there are fights in all three states now (minimum), with Utah already “doomed” to accept its fate thanks to the couples who succeeded in getting married before the state could appeal. It’s almost impossible to take away a right once it’s given without looking like an intolerant jerk.

I’d actually love to see national gay rights by 2015. With a third of our country (17 states) already legalizing love, I could see us getting to the 25-state tipping point and finding a federal push to end the fight. Even Republicans will feel the need to move on to greener pastures, because no one wants to keep fighting a losing battle (except Tea Party nuts).

The Big B

Labels are useful for uniting people under one banner in support of a cause. I’ve always said that you can either choose your labels or have them chosen for you. I proudly accept Bisexual, Polyamorous, Pagan, Liberal, and so forth… they connect me to pieces of bigger pies, social groups who are all outside of the norm.

I love big, completely indiscriminate of face and form. I feel the universe pulsing with each beat of my heart, and no one can tell me that it isn’t alive. My being is beyond any and all labels I might use, but I use them anyway, trying to help strangers define me when there’s no time for lengthy conversations and explanations.

Maybe the Most Orwellian Text Message a Government’s Ever Sent

And this is why the NSA phone metadata collection stories are scary. If they collect the phone data on, say, a group of Occupy protestors, what’s to stop them from sending subtly-threatening messages to cease-and-desist?

You might think “never in America!” right now, but it’s not that farfetched. Authorities could claim that protesters caused violence and property damage; suddenly locals agree that the data collection is “for the greater good”, and everyone who happened by during a particular time period is suspect.

Shape-shifting software ‘defends against botnet hacks’

Tech to the rescue! LOL!

I’d love to see big businesses adopt this kind of tech as a strategy to protect their customers (we’re looking at you, Target). It wouldn’t stop all hacking attempts, but it would slow down the auto-attack flow that currently exists.

Are you opposed to fracking? Then you might just be a terrorist

Oh yes, I’m an “extremist”. I’m extremely opposed to fracking and pollution, in favor of tighter regulations and higher ecological responsibility. I’m an extremely vocal feminist and equality supporter. I’m a extremely happy member of a few subcultures and an alternative religion. I’m a “potential threat”.


Double HA HA!

In all seriousness, allowing any government to watch over nonviolent dissenters is asking for trouble. Democracy dies in that kind of environment.

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