Friday’s newsie news, and a long weekend

It’s Friday! *insert happy dance*

I’m looking forward to the three day weekend, being privileged enough to work a job with paid holidays off. I’ll finally be able to get pictures finalized on our Etsy draft postings, as well as work on some other products. And I’ll get to write! I’m not in the mood for fiction, but I’ll have the laptop to myself for most of the weekend. Woot!

We’re going for a supply run to the local green grocer, too. I can’t wait! Until then, here’s some random news:

Dear Thieves, Karma Is A B*tch. Sincerely, These People.

Because karma is funny! I enjoy reading about people (especially scammers) getting what they’ve earned. Take a minute to read this article and brighten your day.

Young German charity worker raped while traveling on Indian train

Is anyone surprised by this kind of headline about India anymore? I can’t even begin to imagine being a woman in that country…

Random Confession

I’m a bit of an ageist and tech snob, with a hint of racism. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of that fact. For example, if you apply for a teaching program, I believe you should:

  1.  know how to follow directions on the application
  2. complete the paperwork just like kids complete worksheets in class
  3. spell coherently, so I can at least guess your words
  4. remember when and where you graduated
  5. understand and use English well
  6. have an email address for general use, but especially for professional situations like school and employment

If you fail one of those tasks, I roll my eyes and enter your information. If you fail two or more, I cringe and consider homeschooling. The same idea applies to the nursing program. I’d fear for our future, but there are younger people training for the same programs… so maybe we’ll be okay. Maybe.

Why I’m Taking a Stand Against My School’s ‘Dress Code’

Rape culture: When a principal gets away with using phrases like “modest is hottest” and “boys will be boys” as valid explanations for his school’s new dress code.

Note: The term “rape culture” can be swapped for “sexism” and/or “misogyny”. I use “rape culture” because it is the most uncomfortable term for a cultural situation that shames, degrades, and mistreats women for being female. I want it to be uncomfortable for people to accept inequality.

Random Question

Readers: What news sites or sources do you use? I’m always interested in branching out! I currently surf the following sites on an average news round up: Huffington Post, BBC, Yahoo!, CNN, FARK, and occasionally MSNBC. The news section at Discovery’s site gets a glance, too, but not every day.


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