Our first sale, and newsie news

Natural Nuances made its first sale! WOOT! It was so exciting to receive a notification that we’d received payment for something. When I checked, it was my digital Greek Mythology workbook, so there was no need to ship anything. It was a done deal for $2.50, and I couldn’t be prouder!

Honestly, we set low prices in our shop specifically to attract and keep customers. We aren’t looking to get lots of money for our goods; we’re just trying to make stuff and share it, like many other craftsters. I look forward to selling physical items as well!

As for the news, today’s takeaway is: Change is a’coming!

The cloning methods may not be novel – but the application of mass production is

Well then… that’s a disturbing piece of news. I’m very uncomfortable with designer plants, animals, and people… intrigued, too, but largely uncomfortable.

It makes me think of the Nietzschean in Andromeda (the sci-fi show). They were genetically engineered humans, made to be the best and toughest. I feel like we’re working toward that, whether or not we’re ready for GM-humans.

Atheist Afghan granted religious asylum in UK

I’m glad the common sense approach was used for this man. While atheism isn’t a religion per se, it is a philosophical point-of-view about religion that could get him injured or killed back in Afghanistan. I hope his case sets a precedent for future atheists seeking help.

How This Special Router Turned Me Into A Total Internet Tyrant

Tyrant is the correct word. I don’t particularly care for this router; it seems like a control-freaks wet dream more than a useful parenting device. Then again, we only have so many tablets/computers to go around, so blocking off one person’s access would block off everyone who wanted to use that particular device… and as a non-computer owner (i.e. borrower), I’d be really sad if the daily quota was met before my turn came along.

Magic: The Gathering movie in the works

Geeks rejoice! A good writer could take one or two of the card sets (the Theros block, for example) and turn that set into a storyline. After all, each set has specific blurbs on the backs of the boxes; there’s a theme to the new cards, not just a bunch of new art.

For example, the Theros block (Theros, Born of the Gods, and Journey into Nyx) are all inspired by Greek mythology. The decks are based around the idea of a Hero battling creatures and going on a quest; seriously, if you look it up, players have to each Hero cards by completing different tasks like finding a constellation code on the MTG website. I just think it’ll convert to film better than non-players might think.

Federal judge: Oklahoma ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional

Here’s a tentative win for equality. I have a huge problem with the idea that it’s the “will of the people [being] ignored by the federal government”, though. Once upon a time, it was the “will of the people” in the South that demanded slavery remain legal; we had a civil war and ended slavery by force.

Just because some people have minds so closed that the air is stale in their noggin doesn’t mean that they have the right to block equality for people they dislike. If that were the case, pagans like me would probably be in jail for breaking some “will of the people” law against non-Christian practices; after all, the loudest and most active religious people in America are Christian, so they would easily shape exclusionary laws (given the chance).

Free clinics ready to fill Obamacare gaps

I’d work at a free clinic, if I had the opportunity and training to do so. I’m not willing to seek it out, though, because becoming a doctor or nurse isn’t something I’m interested in per se. I just like helping people.

I also spend a lot of time thinking about Obamacare. If I do decide to quit my job after having a child, I’ll lose my current health insurance. However, how will I qualify for Obamacare assistance? Technically, I’ll be a single unemployed mother, but I’ll have three people in my household supporting me. There’s also the small profits of Etsy. I wonder how Obamacare calculates income and need, especially after an old roommate’s issues with proving what she did and didn’t pay in order to get Medicaid and food stamps.

Why plural marriages make sense

My household has four adults, and we will still live together when I finally have a child (hopefully this winter, if my body cooperates). I prefer the idea of civil unions for everyone, contracts that define a relationship legally while allowing more than one of said relationship (just as businesses can join up in more than one group project).

I will never be a nuclear family member. There will always be extra people involved in my family/home life, because I like a house full of people. I don’t believe marriage is necessary to be a family, but it’d be nice to have some legal paperwork to fill out that gave automatic rights to both of my boys.

NSA Carves Pathway Into International Computers, New York Times Reports

What I heard between the lines: “LOOK AT ALL OF OUR MIGHTY POWER!!! Oh, but we’d never use it on Americans. Just FYI.” I probably trust an agency spokesperson about as much as I trust a dog with a foamy mouth not to bite me.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I have a problem with the NSA, because I value my freedom. I may not have anything to hide now, but if something I’ve always done becomes illegal one day (i.e. being a pagan, speaking out against the government, etc.), I don’t want to be open to people who would want me punished for it.

Look at the McCarthy era, and the (Second) Red Scare in the 1950s. Those people are still alive, and some of them may hold office as I type these treasonous words…

Judging Thy Neighbor Isn’t Helping the Environment, You Jerk

Haha, “you jerk”! I love the attitude in this piece! I try not to be a preachy granola nut girl, specifically for the reasons in this article. People give the effort they can afford to give, and they can only work with what they have and know.

I’m frustrated that sustainable and humane meats are hard to come by (and expensive). I’m frustrated that everything contains preservatives and artificial fillers. I’m frustrated that I can’t use natural beauty methods and products due to my allergies. I’m frustrated that people I love are completely apathetic to it all.

But my frustration stays with me. I don’t take it out on less crunchy people, nor do I lecture anyone on the pros and cons of plastic water bottles. It’s not my place.

Mississippi GOP Senate Candidate Complained There Aren’t Enough Muslim Movie Villains

First, let me say this: movies often avoid stereotyping. That means that Hollywood will specifically avoid the obvious villain choices, like avoiding Muslim/Middle Eastern villains while America is at war in the Middle East. It’s a way to both avoid being predictable AND to question the choice to participate in racial profiling.

Second, can you believe the amount of racist, disgusting hate this man spews? Muslims aren’t villains, which is (sarcastically) “neat”. Democrats are all about sex everywhere, gay marriage, and polygamy; clearly they plan to bring down the world with their debauchery as they seek equality. Obama is accidentally called “Osama”, and gun violence is all related to hip-hop culture. Would he like to add a note on non-Christians and women, just to round things out?

States Air Their Differences At Supreme Court

I wonder… are the states appearing to work together as a union less and less because they really have issues, or do they appear to have issues because I grew up with 9/11 uniting us as a nation?

For years after 9/11, we were largely a cohesive country. That’s how crap like the Patriot Act got passed without upheaval; we were in agreement that something had to be done to protect us, even if we didn’t exactly agree on what that something would be. Now, we’re not as united by war (since we’ve grown tired of it), and there’s little to force us to work together as a unit.

Added to that, we’re the fourth largest country in the world when it comes to land mass. It’s hard to police something so big, especially when our form of democracy allows for state and federal governments to control different aspects of our lives.

GOP Congressional Candidate: Spousal Rape Shouldn’t Be a Crime

Again, this is why Republicans can’t rebrand themselves. When you let in one crazy, you start an avalanche that endangers everyone. ‘

Also, this is an example of rape culture. A man who believes rape can’t happen in ____ situation is a man who supports rape culture. Period. Rape is anytime one of the parties involved says no, changes their mind, is coerced, or can’t give consent. Relationships between the rapist and victim don’t negate the right to say no.

Online Dating As A Woman Proved All Too Much For This Man

Welcome to the internet! I’m glad it left a bad taste in this guy’s mouth. The first step to recovery is admitting there’s a problem; in this case, it’s rampant sexism and harassment.

My wife and I are atheists, but our daughter wants to be baptized Catholic

I’m glad this father has decided to support his daughter. Mine didn’t.

My dad’s an atheist (as long as his Catholic father wasn’t around to hear it). He thinks ALL religions are stupid, and paganism is extra stupid for believing in magic. I never did (and never will) expect anything close to acceptance or respect for my spiritual choices, though I do hope my dad can get over them (i.e. pretend they don’t exist as long as I don’t bring it up).


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