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I received my official degree today!

I received my official degree today!

I’m officially, 100% a college graduate! I was called earlier to pick up my diploma and transcripts from our Graduation department; I walked around shoving the thing in everyone’s faces until they all gave me the obligatory congratulations (LOL).

I’ve been networking pretty regularly on Etsy, now. I figure giving others some stats (favorites, views, etc.) gets me some traffic in return; I’m waiting for the fateful day when we get to mail out our first sale. There will be cake! Balloons! A marching band!!

Okay, maybe just cake. But still, I keep waiting for that delightful shoe to drop. I have to keep holding myself back, too. All of these ideas keep running through my head, but I don’t want to overtake the entire shop with MY goods when we’re still working on getting the sewing machine up and running for Sarah, and still arranging supply purchases for Naia’s natural goodies.

In the meantime, I click away. I’m a digital social butterfly!

Yikes! The Baby Wipe Ingredient That’s Triggering Nasty Rashes

Just a friendly service reminder: You can make your own baby wipes, preservative-free and everything! Actually, disposable diapers also contain preservatives and other chemicals; if your baby has issues with rashes, cloth diapering might be the best solution.

It’s junk like this that turned me into a granola hippy; my allergies to everyday items (like some body washes and shampoos) led to me researching alternatives. For example, I just bought a slightly cheaper shampoo and conditioner after my last bottle ran out (and the store didn’t have the same brand anymore); now my scalp and hair are reacting VERY BADLY to the change, and I’m going to grab replacement goo when I get off work.

Wave of lawsuits follows West Virginia chemical spill

I’ve been camping where water was labeled undrinkable, but I’ve never been somewhere that had unusable water (i.e. no showers, no hand washing, etc.). I’d be PISSED if I lived in the affected zone; I’m not a neat freak, but I do prefer to shower daily.

In addition, the costs of this drama would be devastating. If I had the vacation hours saved, I would’ve driven to my parents house out of state or gone on a mini-vacation to some area with safe water. Otherwise, you have to pay for water (if there’s any left at the store) in addition to other liquid drinks (which I prefer not to have all the time, like soda and Gatorade). Cooking would’ve been manageable, but what about washing the pans to cook the next night?

I’ve camped a bit rustic before, but never to point of having no water to use for anything. There is always a pump or faucet with water to rinse things, if not to drink.

Is this what a feminist looks like? Cherie Blair’s life after Downing Street

Cherie Blair is an impressive woman. I enjoy reading about feminists in the spotlight, especially in a positive sense.

New Spending Bill Blocks ACORN Funding Four Times, Even Though ACORN No Longer Exists

How long can you beat a dead horse before you smell the rotten flesh? I remember commenting on this issue (defunding the non-existent ACORN) last year. It’s been about four years since the group disbanded; I think it’s dead now, guys.

New Mexico Right To Die Case: Ruling Will Allow Doctors To Help Terminally Ill Patients End Their Lives

I believe in assisted suicide as a positive option for those who have had enough. If you’ve been fighting a disease for years, you may be too tired and worn out to continue. Giving doctors the ability to prescribe assistance to those who wish to die allows them to avoid being labeled “suicide” by life insurance companies, as well; this would help families of loved ones who have accumulated huge medical debts in their efforts to get better.

Some Fitbit Force Owners Complain Of Severe Skin Irritation

This sounds like a case of leakage to me. As an allergy-sufferer, I agree with Fitbit that the latex-free band and nickel-steel case aren’t normally allergy issues. However, when you have so many non-allergy-sufferers claiming an issue in a specific area the device covers (i.e. the area with all the electronics), I’d assume the battery is leaking, the chemicals used inside aren’t stable, or the wiring is faulty and causing a reaction with the metals.

As a side note, I HATE canned responses from companies. You can tell when it’s a person versus a standard automated response, and I happen to detest having to contact a company twice (with an initial complaint, and then a reply to the canned response) to get a real person.

Michigan’s Foremost Anti-Gay Republican Just Had A Very Hateful Week On Facebook

I find it refreshing that a Republican shamed his fellow member for being racist and hateful. And I feel sorry for the Republican party. They’ve gone from being the party that supports small government and individual freedoms, to the party that shelters the darker elements of our society.

Do you hate gays and find them disgusting? Become a Republican! Do you think women belong in the kitchen and out of the workforce? Become a Republican! Do you believe all non-Christians should convert or die? Become a Republican!

This is wrong. When I was a kid, I remember thinking that Republicans were just the stodgier politicians, uptight but honorable. My dad was one, even as an atheist, because he knew Republicans supported the military (and my dad’s regular pay raises as a soldier). I never saw Republicans are hateful warmongers until I became an adult; they stopped fighting off the extremists of their own party, and they sank with the sanity ship.

Ted Cruz Delivers Huge Slap In The Face To House GOP Leaders

You know… if Tea Partiers were actually in it to shrink the government and help the People, I’d be one. They always talk about restoring our country and protecting our liberties, but they never seem to actually act like those are their goals.

Then again, a friend of mine made a sad point. We have so many laws from our federal government because of differences in opinion. If we, as a country, decide slavery is wrong, a federal law forces all states to ban slavery; it doesn’t matter if Alabama thinks it could run smoother with slaves.

Instead of being able to trust that everyone will hold the same “liberties” as rights, we have to spell out every single right we want to enforce. Even then, the rights have to be ironed out until there is no wiggle room for naysayers to avoid them (look at gay marriage as it’s been developing, or women’s rights over the years since Roe v Wade).

German No-Spy Deal: Top Lawmaker Presses For U.S. Agreement

LOL! Go, Germany! Go! Make us follow the rules of alliance!

(Just had a WoW flashback… For the Horde!)

7 Things We Should Start Teaching In Schools ASAP

By the gods, yes! Having these common sense skills would build a generation of better-off adults. Knowing how to handle your own money and taxes is a big independence thing, and first aid skills could save a life.

My “home ec” class was called Life Skills, and we learned about writing a check (back when people still did that) as well as relationships and proper communication methods (i.e. how to fight fair). We learned a bit about resumes, interviews, and professionalism too.

Students and faculty blindsided by for-profit school’s closure

I get so mad at falsely-accredited and shoddy schools for this exact reason. Be it a high school or college, they charge a student for attending a school that either collapses under the weight of its own BS or lacks accreditation to allow for valid transfers of credits.

If I only took one skill with me from this job at my community college, it’ll be the ability to recognize valid accreditation. I might let my children attend an online school or homeschool them, and knowing which schools are valid is always a good thing. I’ve also helped friends who wanted to attend college online, by verifying that the college had accreditation.

Pushing Full-Day Kindergarten

Weird… I thought all kindergarten classes were full-day, and I thought preschool classes were the ones with half-day classes.

Why wouldn’t you provide full-day kindergarten? It’s free childcare for working parents. It’s a leg up in learning and social development. It’s an overall worthwhile investment in our society’s future, literally; these kids will be your doctors, lawyers, and inventors one day.

America Gets A C- In Women’s Reproductive Health, No One Is Surprised

What exactly is an F-? I clicked on the report itself, and apparently Texas gets a 41.3 as a score. The score refers to effectiveness, prevention, affordability, and access relating to reproductive health and rights.

No one would be surprised, that’s very true. I’m surprised only that there are multiple states with lower scores than Texas (and sad for the women living in them). I’d love to see everyone pass with a C-, because that seems like a reasonable score. They just need to study reproductive health, pass some common sense laws, and stop being dickheads.

Why I Say I’m Bisexual

“I say I’m bisexual because I am. Because when I move through the world, I see people and parts and hearts and eyes and hair and I recognize the potential in myself to love all those things.”

^ That is why I’m polyamorous. Because I love all the things, gender expectations aside. That’s also why I don’t hide in closets. I’m out as a pagan, and I’m out as a poly person. Because someone, somewhere might read about me and feel less alone.


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