SCOTUS news and Monday blues

Mondays ALWAYS wear me out! It’s not that they always suck, but instead that I always find a way to stay up too late or do too much. Today is a mix of those two, as I’ve been thinking in overdrive about various projects and mundane bits; I wear myself out thinking in circles sometimes!

However, I did manage to get an eyeful of news to share. The SCOTUS seems to be playing a largely role at the moment than they usually do (at least outside of landmark decisions like defeating DOMA). Enjoy!

Supreme Court Weighing Obama Recess Appointment Power

It frustrates me to see everyone else (for over a century) use a specific method to appoint people, only to have opposers of that president suddenly decide it’s not okay. If a behavior or activity is alright for every president in the last century, it’s still alright when that president is a black Democrat.

Hating his liberalism (which is low-level, I might add, compared to us hardcore liberals) and hating his skin color (because let’s face it, half of Obama’s naysayers just don’t like his face) doesn’t give you an excuse to suddenly tighten the rules around his neck, especially when [a] they were unspoken rules to begin with and [b] you won’t work with him to appoint anyone, even if they’re a political moderate.

Note: I’d feel the same way if Romney had made it into office. If something is changed only to give the middle finger to the current person in office, after being a certain way for over a century, it’s bullshit. Always.

France Legalizes Marijuana-Based Drug To Treat Multiple Sclerosis

I wonder if America’s foray into legalized recreational marijuana has influenced France’s willingness to allow a marijuana-based drug? We aren’t the end all and be all of everything, but our choices often single what is (and is not) acceptable in issues the global community has formed a group opinion on.

Racing to the Top & Leaving Behind the Love of Learning

I think that’s the part that we adults have a hard time remembering (without a child’s voice speaking out in our households). Early grades were a time of learning and exploration.

I built leprechaun traps in March and went on a nature walk the day before St Patrick’s Day to place them in the woods next to our school. I used these little cubes and other physical bits to learn and practice math concept (and build towers to destroy). I learned about Hawaiian culture and participated in a small luau, dancing to “Tiny Bubbles” with the other girls in my class. We built a rainforest in our classroom while learning about them in books, and our library time was a chance to find something interesting to read rather than earning AR (Accelerated Reader) points or following a designated reading list.

I was in the top 10% of my graduating class, and my free-range elementary school years might’ve been a part of that success. We had very few behavioral issues in my classes or at recess, and I only knew one kid (in all of K-8) that was held back. Maybe there was a better way to teach young students?

The Anti-Science Behavior of GMO Proponents

I won’t pretend to be a science buff. I don’t read research articles often, and I only took basic chemistry in high school (and astronomy in college). That said, it seems like the practice of targeting politically-disliked articles for takedown is unfair.

Dear ‘Daddy’ in Seat 16C

To all the good guys who feel like they finish last: For this kind of behavior, ladies like me will find you and keep you given even a second’s chance. Patience, compassion, and a calm heart got so far in a world that’s full of cynicism and frustrated faces.

Security Breach Hits More Prominent U.S. Retailers, Report Says

UGH! I knew one day this reckoning would come, but I’d hoped it wouldn’t be on my watch. However, USAA has informed me that I was an unfortunately shopper at Target; there’s a new debit card in the mail.

I’m seriously considering a switch back to carrying cash. My card is only absolutely necessary for online bill payments (which can’t really be avoided without extreme efforts). But I can manage carrying cash on me and using the ATM regularly, especially with USAA refunding ATM fees.

Kiss Your Waiter Goodbye

Um… what? I think this writer has a romanticized version of waitressing stuck in her head. I’ve never known a waiter or waitress who made enough to pay all of their bills on time, let alone enough for “weeks at the beach” or “[college] textbooks and pizza”.

Runners are more efficient than waiters, to be fair. A runner simply gets food from the kitchen to the table, usually when the waiter assigned to that section is busy (or there’s a full house). If their hourly wages were minimum (i.e. like a retail clerk, not a waiter), then narrowing our restaurant needs to just runners without waiters would be feasible. The jobs would pay better, and you could still tip if they service was dazzling (but not rip them off because you’re feeling cheap or petty).

Working as a cashier almost anywhere is better than working as a waiter. Flipping burgers pays more, and so does scrubbing floors. In reality, servers are just a step above slaves to their restaurants.

Canadian teen convicted of ‘sexting’ photos of boyfriend’s ex

First of all, dump the chump and act like an adult (young or otherwise). A cheater isn’t worth your time. After that, the choice to sext someone else’s photos to others is a decision to embrace bullying and humiliation as revenge for a cheating boyfriend.

I’m glad this teen is facing child porn charges. The more serious a situation is treated, the higher the cost of making a stupid decision becomes (and, hopefully, the more deterred future teens will be from taking the same course of action).

On the other hand, that will SUCK on applications. “Have you been convicted of a felony?” “Yes, child porn, but let me explain…”

Study: Facebook Snooping On Job Candidates May Backfire For Employers

Everyone is allowed a life outside of work. No workplace can require, for example, that all personnel attend church on Sundays. No workplace can reject a Muslim’s request to use vacation hours for a religious holiday, nor can they require all staff to stay on-site during their lunch breaks. Life happens outside of the office.

That said, snooping on an applicant’s social media is like peeking into their window. Sure, they chose not to put curtains on their bathroom window, but does that make it okay to watch them undress? The same idea applies to social media; I personally live as an out pagan and polyamorous person, but I wouldn’t bring that up with an employer. Having them hunt down that information on Facebook and WordPress would be similar to them riffling through my phone while I’m not looking. It’s invasive, and it gives them information to use against me; for example, if they’re super Christian or conservative, my comments on feminism or my pictures of a Beltane ritual might get used against me unfairly.

Supreme Court will not hear Arizona abortion law appeal

If this 20-week law is unconstitutional, shouldn’t that mean the other laws (like North Dakota’s ban as soon as a heartbeat is detectable) are also moot?

Unfortunately, by refusing the case, the SCOTUS gave other states like North Dakota a pass to continue fighting in support of their unrealistic laws. If they’d taken the case and struck it down, the precedent would’ve canceled many of the restrictive and overbearing efforts made in the last decade.


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