Sharing news as a College Graduate

Before I get to the news of the day, I have to share my own news. I’m officially, 100% a college graduate! WOOT!!! (It’s like I leveled up mid-game!)

I had some paperwork trouble just before winter break (can’t WAIT to go full-digital at the college), so I wasn’t sure if I missed something or missed the deadline. However, I just received an email today verifying that my diploma is in the mail.

Now all coursework is on hold until after I have a baby. I get free classes through employee benefits, but you have to pay them back if you quit before a certain amount of time has passed; since I may become a stay-at-home parent, I want to avoid taking classes that might need payback later. Eventually, though, I wouldn’t mind taking courses toward another degree (General Studies isn’t particularly impressive).

Today’s news takeaway is: Being a woman is hard.

Obama to be ‘president’ even when term ends


All laughter aside, this is silly. Could the Obama family want to stay where home has been for years, especially with their daughters finishing up school? Oh no, never that!

Pot could put progressives in a tough spot

This article misses the mark on reality here.

First of all, it compares legal weed and loose gun control as if they are on the same level.

Reducing crime by legalizing marijuana is related to ending unnecessary arrests for non-violent offenses (i.e. possession). Reducing crime by loosening gun control is related to the idea that, if everyone is armed, nobody shoots first (think nuclear arms race, small scale).

Secondly, legalizing marijuana doesn’t go with promoting a “health nut state”. This is very true. However, the goal is to remove the criminal and unregulated element from the pot equation. Give people access to medical grade marijuana, and they won’t get jacked smoking some chemically-“enhanced” street weed.

Continuing with the “health nut state” idea, the over-regulation and over-taxation of marijuana in Colorado is directly related to (and based on) taxation and regulation over alcohol and tobacco products. We’re saying it’s okay to choose this particular vice, just like people can choose to smoke or drink. It’s called self-responsibility.

Lastly, there’s this random connection… “if you give people individual liberty to smoke pot, union workers will choose chaos and nuns will dance naked in the streets”. Okay, I exaggerate! But still, drawing a random line connecting marijuana legalization to contraception vs Church battles is just weird logic. No, nuns won’t *suddenly* fight against contraception being offered via their workplace; they’re either against it already (um, Catholic) or ambivalent (um, female Catholic = rock/hardplace).

Death threats and denial for woman who showed college athletes struggle to read

It saddens me that anyone gets a death threat for speaking out about anything, be they a whistleblower, pro-pot, or anti-gay marriage. I don’t care; everyone has the right to speak out (nicely) without worrying that someone will attack them violently.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Wants The World To Get More Excited About Science

He has it right. People (myself included) are randomly finding interest in sciences on their own, and it only takes a little bit of adjustment to meet  in the middle with knowledge and learning.

Victims Of ‘Revenge Porn’ Open Up On Reddit About How It Impacted Their Lives

I used to ban any form of nude photos for exactly these reasons. I was right to, even when I was married; I had a very dirty divorce, and the chances my photos would’ve been shared are high. I’ve had nasty breakups too, one in which I had been pushed for months to send nude pictures (and refused). Thankfully, I’m in a far more stable situation now, but I still don’t do fully nude photos. See me when you get home!

Man pleads guilty to misdemeanor 2 years after teen claimed she was raped

Rape culture is… when a 14-year-old drunk (and possibly drugged) girl is capable of having consensual sex.

Let’s take this apart. Can a 14-year-old consent to sex with a 17-year-old (legally)? Yes. Can a girl drinking too much alcohol consent to sex? No. Third, can a girl who’s drunk (or drugged) enough to stay asleep outside in 20-degree weather in a t-shirt and yoga pants really give consent, ever? NO.

But the boy gets endangerment charges, because there was “substantial doubt about the felony charge, specifically including whether the young lady was incapacitated during the encounter”. Because she’s probably lying out of guilt or shame. Because she chose to drink alcohol before and during her interactions with the boy. Because she’s a woman, and women should know better than to touch alcohol in the presence of men.

I hope he slips up and violates his parole (i.e. touches alcohol or smokes some pot). I want him to get tossed in jail for the 120 days his parole dictates; clearly, the girl’s life has been ruined far more thoroughly than his, and I’m all about retribution.

New Gmail messaging feature causes privacy concerns

This is what people are getting upset over? If you’ve signed up for Google+ and don’t want emails from strangers, opt out. Tah dah, easy solution! Google has done far worse things to privacy than this.

Facebook Finally Axes Controversial ‘Sponsored Stories’ Ads

I stopped liking big name brands once the sponsored stories junk blew up. If I’m going to sponsor an ad, how about one for a small local business or lesser-known musician? Nowadays, I really just like Etsy shops and Youtubers .


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