Today’s takeaway: things aren’t always the way you think

I’m so excited! I’m on the last round of editing and formatting for my workbook on Greek mythology. By the end of this week, I’ll be able to post it on Etsy for digital download. It’s a project I first imagined doing over three years ago; it was only this past fall that I remembered it and decided to get started.

It feels good to write something, even if it’s mildly creative and basic like a workbook. Sure, there aren’t any plot lines or descriptive scenes… but I feel like I’ve created a guide that balances simplicity and depth quite well!

We had a late night at work, so the news got delayed. Today’s takeaway thought: things aren’t always they way you think.

Facebook Wages War on the Nipple

I’ve watched the preview for “Free the Nipple” (a documentary), and I have to agree that America is ass backwards on nudity and violence. Either you censor violence as well as nudity for being “immoral” (a dubious and biased claim), or you free both from censorship.

Then again, America has a hard time letting go of Puritan standards over the silliest things.

Satanists Seek Statue On Oklahoma State House Steps

If they manage to build this seat-statue in Oklahoma, I’ll have to make a special road trip to go visit and take pictures. I’d love to see religious righters (who pushed through Christian imagery against the separation of church and state) face the reality of their choices, of their decision to make recognition of Satanism in public a solid thing.

Also, I’d love to have a picture of myself sitting in the seat. I have no fear of Satan, because my experience/knowledge of him comes from pop culture and literaturary research rather than religious indoctrinization.

For Perry’s Administration, The End Is Beginning

*Do a little happy dance!*

I loathe Rick Perry. Since moving to Texas, I’ve become more and more aware of how inexplicably disconnected and misinformed he is on his people, society, and the world. I look forward to his permanent removal from politics, a likelihood highlighted by his failed presidential campaign.

I hope we elect Wendy Davis. She’s a strong, self-made individual who’s ideal for Texas. On top of being a women’s rights supporter, she’s also focused on the people themselves. She’s spoken on helping the poor and sick find assistance, as well as improving education and Texas’ spending habits. Fingers crossed!

When Your Mother Says She’s Fat

Random parenting goal #63: Teach my daughter (if I’m blessed with one) to love her body as is.

In theory, that one will be easy. I may not like my size/weight per se, but I don’t spend any time pouting over it or starving myself. As an example, I believe I’ll at least be a neutral one (i.e. nothing positive to say, but nothing negative either).

I’d like to strive for a body-positive attitude, though. I want to verbalize the variety of beauty, be it in a coltish little girl or a plus woman like myself. Maybe then my daughter will grow up seeing beauty in everyone, and being a balm to those who hate themselves for being less than societally “perfect”.

Random Thought

The best place for you, if you want to get into my pants, is the “friend zone”. That phrase always confused me, because the boys lucky enough to find themselves labeled Friend were the only boys who ever found me in their arms. I only date friends.

I don’t understand people who refuse a friend’s advances under the guise of “I don’t want to ruin our friendship”. To me, that means they don’t want you, period. Intimacy deepens a friendship, rather than ruining it; marriages are supposed to be a lifelong journey with your best friend (at least according to Hallmark).

Maybe my kids will pick up the same attitude. Date people you enjoy being around before the intimacy, and relationships are all that much sweeter. And when they end (as they often do), take the necessary time to heal and return to a new normal; no, the friendship isn’t the exact same thing it once was, but it’s not destroyed either… unless you want it to be.

Fired Pastor Ryan Bell Receives Staggering Donations From Atheist Community, Led By Blogger Hemant Mehta

Bravo, Atheists! I appreciate their decision to step up and demonstrate charity as a human characteristic (rather than a religiously-created behavior).

I hope that this pastor finds reflection in his challenge to live as an Atheist, though I don’t necessarily hope that he becomes a longterm Atheist himself. I like people who are spiritually strong, but I especially like those who challenge their faith and come out the other side with more compassion and understanding.


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