New beginnings feel GOOD!

Natural Nuances is up and running, and I couldn’t feel more energetic or excited!

Technically, we’ve been open since Yule (December 21st); however, I finally updated the photos to something a bit classier than laying our products on a sheet and using my cell phone to snap a quick pic. I posted a few new items that we’ve created since then, and I have others in the works.

The biggest problem, actually, is getting people to take a look!

I know I don’t have a huge readership. It’s probably due to my lack of focus. This blog has covered everything from spirituality to news to politics to random thought bubbles to food. In other words, it’s just like me! That makes it hard not to run people off, though; I mean, just being you like my post on pagan birthday ideas doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy my rambling post about geek culture or my feminist lecture on why it’s okay to be a stay-at-home mom. People like to subscribe to bloggers with a focus, because it means they’ll see the same kinds of items over time.

Removing all of my tags and categories has killed my blog traffic, too. I never got around to playing with them (long story), so my blog is floating in the aether unnoticed and unloved. Boohoo! I’ll have to make updating them all a priority this weekend, before winter break ends and we return to work.

Speaking of my blog, my focus, and all that jazz… I’m thinking of imitating a Youtuber idea and writing something to myself every day. I already read the news daily (except on weekends, due to limited computer access and laziness). What if I wrote to myself about the day? My reactions to the news, as well as my random thoughts? It seems like I could be a bit more focused AND include both my pagan randomness and my newsy nosey self.

Those are just ideas. As I was writing that paragraph, I realized that I had a couple small blog-related ideas written down at home… and lost the paper! Like converting blog posts (pagan in nature) into my PDF monthly journals, and finding a darn focus! ACK!

Too much vacation time can actually be a bad thing! My mind is numb. Check out our Etsy store, comment if you want. Heck, help me find some direction for my blog! I’m tempted to delete this rambling blob of words, but I might as well post it like a note-to-self bulletin.

(Note: I realized after writing this post… part of why new beginnings feel so good is all the energy that surrounds them. There’s excitement, wonder, joy, and celebration all wrapped around an event like starting a business. With time, that energy either pitters off undirected or finds focus deep in the endeavor itself. As someone who’s wanted to open a shop online for about a year or so, I’d bet the energies will calm themselves into focus… eventually. Not today, though. ^_^)


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