Shameless Plug: Natural Nuances

Natural Nuances is up and kickin'!

Natural Nuances is up and kickin’!

I admit it in advance. This post is a shameless plug of our new business!

That said, I absolutely LOVE having an outlet for my creative side! I always find things I want to try, or do, or make… but I don’t like being stuck with a year’s supply of chapstick all in one flavor. Thanks to opening Natural Nuances, I can experiment with things like balms and lotions without committing to a year’s use AND without wasting tons of money on things I may never use up on my own.

The funniest thing is being my own guinea pig. My skin is super sensitive to products, including some natural items (like any facial treatment involving vinegar or citric acid). When I made a clay mask this weekend, I tested it on my skin under the Larissa theory: if Larissa can use it without issue, anyone can.

I’ve also been looking at pagan-inspired options for the apothecary portion of our store. I’m steeping some Apollo/Sun oil made from sunflower oil and chamomile (both sun plants), and the oil can be both an anointing oil and an ingredient in another healing balm. I’m working on an Artemis/Moon oil as well, though I haven’t decided on an herb and oil combination yet.


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