Organization Madness!!!

Alright, I’ve lost my mind!

I got annoyed with all of my tags and tagging methods (i.e. every semi-important word in the post). So…

I deleted all of my tags.

And categories.




Wow… that was actually kind of nice!

My new tablet is arriving today in the mail, and I’m in a digital clean-up kind of mood. As a tablet, it’ll have to use cloud services like Google Drive to store most of my writing and notes. To that end, I’ve found myself making lists of things to do to make the transition work. At the moment, I have scattered items in my cloud, two disorganized flash drives, a folder with miscellaneous files on two different computers, and CD backups of older files that need purging.

Part of the project is converting my old and new blog posts into a pagan journal; I want to organize old and new posts about pagan-ish things into chronological, monthly PDFs to review each moon cycle. Actually, it was THAT idea that suddenly brought the enormity of my digital disorganization into focus.


Sweet Jeezus, I need to fix this!

My blog will probably be quiet for a couple of days, at least when it comes to news updates. I’m going to be working on this reorganization, including new categories and tags for this blog. I’ll see you when I dig myself out from under all the digital debris.


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