Oh, the humanity! [news]

A cold front’s sweeping down through Texas. Yesterday it was 71 degrees when I left work; today it’s in the 30’s, and our morning might be delayed if the temperatures stay below freezing overnight. Heaters make me sleepy, but the cold air from doors opening and closing stirs my creative side. Something about the dark side of the year has always called to me, even though I chose to be born after February Eve and the promise of returning light.

Apparently, it stirs a mild interest in the news as well. I couldn’t find anything worth sharing yesterday, but here’s today’s catch:

Lawmaker Blasts ‘One Of The Most Misogynistic Proposals’ She’s Ever Seen

Under the logic of requiring women to buy “rape insurance” just in case, you could also make men buy impotence insurance separately.

I will admit, we women have the unique ability to have children. That means we have special issues that can arise, costing our insurers extra money. For example, we can need prenatal care, birth control, fertility assistance, hormone therapy, cancer screenings, and hospital care during a birth. All of that is naturally a part of our lives, and it’s covered now fairly because we have no control over being women.

A smoker pays more for insurance, because they choose to smoke and put their health at risk. No male chooses to have a limp dick, and no female chooses to be a woman and take the chance that some asshole will take “no” for “yes”. Duh!

Principal Put On Leave After Trying To Forbid Spanish In Classroom

Let me tell you a story. When I worked at Baskin Robins, I had a customer return with their milkshake (half eaten) and demand I remake it correctly; supposedly, I’d made the wrong flavor. Their wife walked up and added that “oh yeah” hers was wrong, too. As I was remaking the shakes, I listened to them talk shit about me for 5 minutes in Spanish; they assumed (incorrectly) that I wouldn’t understand as they called me names, joked about how stupid the little white girl was, and judged my appearance. I’ll be honest, too, and tell you that I broke down crying and my Hispanic manager took over while letting me out to breathe.

Imagine if THAT is why the principal banned Spanish in the classrooms. Not because she hates Spanish speakers, but because some brats who spoke Spanish were talking shit about their peers and teachers. It happened in El Paso all the time; I listened to native speakers talk about how fat Ms. Gibson was and how Denise was pregnant by some soldier. It was distracting, both to me (as I understood what they were saying) and to those who just heard Spanish mumbling over their entire class period.

Maybe the principal was right. Maybe Spanish belongs in the hallways, at lunch, and in Spanish class… not in History, or Math, or Science. I’m just saying… most bans on clothing and behavior start with a valid reason, somewhere.

Death of Yellowstone’s Most Famous Wolf Is a Troubling Sign of Things to Come

Is it weird that my gut reaction to this article was not as a human, but as a therian? Most days, I’m so comfortably blended between human and animal that I don’t think twice about my reactions to things. But then… a sound or smell catches my attention, or I feel the urge to make noises instead of words when I read something I dislike. Those are the moments when I remember I haven’t always been a human.

China Rejects U.S. Corn Shipment Due To GMOs; Could Be Move To Boost Domestic Prices

GMOs will be labeled and less popular thanks to events like this, more than any protest can do. After all, GMO creation is about money; if your crop is sturdier, you can charge people more money for seeds and specialty fertilizers/pesticides. If no one can sell the GMO crops, though, no one will buy those seeds… and you’ll have no reason to create them.

Polyamorous Relationships Are About More Than Just Couples

^THIS! THIS! 1,000,000 TIMES THIS!

I’m slowly bringing the polyamorous reality of my home life into the open; my friends and family are aware, and I’m even slowly coming out to coworkers. Why? Because I plan to have a child with one of my boyfriends, and I don’t want to pretend the child’s father away in favor of the boyfriend they’re aware of. It’s not fair to anyone involved.

China’s seniors dodge police, beat traffic, in electric minicars

I wonder if it would be a positive or negative change to allow these kinds of cars everywhere? I mean, scooters and mopeds both have the same basic flaws in safety and licensing, but we allow them on most streets (not highways so much). We could probably reduce pollution levels and space issues if we allowed mini electric cars to roll around more freely.


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