Why do I blog? Because news!

I enjoy blogging. It lets me do something mildly creative (even if these are non-fiction opinions) almost every day. Honestly, I have a hard time making time to do creative things once I escape from work; after spending 10 hours in front of a computer typing, you tend to shift away from using a computer at home. I plan to work on changing my habits, though, when winter break arrives; we have two weeks off, so I’m going to schedule blocks of time each day around creative pursuits. Until then, there are my news posts like this one…

English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet

I love watching our language evolve! It’s just like the meme about “ALL the things!” becoming a phrase that gets real-life use (i.e. “I’m about to craft ALL the things!”, often said with exaggerated hand movements).

Albuquerque Voters Reject Late-Term Abortion Ban

It looks like the men and women of Albuquerque fought the fight for us. I’d given up yesterday, so sick and tired of constantly struggling against the conservative desire to remove women’s rights. A little hope returns.

Supreme Court Refuses To Block Texas Abortion Restrictions

And then, every time Rick Perry opens his mouth, I want to scream. Actually, I want to do things I won’t put into writing online, as they might be considered a threat on his person.

Are Pregnant Women Persons After 20 Weeks’ Gestation?

Yes, yes we are. If I’m pregnant with a child and want to bed rest at home rather than in the hospital, that is my medical decision to make; no doctor should be able to bully me into spending lots of time (and money) on hospitalization. If my baby is healthy and growing, it is my decision (good or bad) to let my due date pass and continue carrying until labor naturally begins; no doctor should be able to have police drag me in for a C-section against my will. I want a baby, and I will not be told how to go about making one! I’m pretty sure my body knows what it’s doing.

House Rules Have Allowed Random Drug Testing Of Members Since 1997

OH! Test ALL the representatives! Please? I’d like to see who of the high-and-mighty club fail to meet standards.

Please Stop Eating Cats And Dogs, Ads Urge Consumers In China

What makes it okay to eat a rabbit, but not a dog or cat? Do we eat pigs because they aren’t cute enough to be exempt from our food chain? I’d eat cat or dog. Honestly! I’d want to know it wasn’t someone’s pet (that’s just rude), but other than that… we put down most strays we catch running loose, so why not add them to the food chain instead?

Illinois Gay Marriage: Governor Slated To Sign Marriage Equality Bill Into Law Wednesday

I look forward to the day I read a headline about the 25th state, and the 35th state, and finally the Supreme Court getting off their asses and making all 50 states share equality with all couples. It’s coming, probably even sooner than full women’s rights will be achieved.


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