Ramblings: Cloth Diapering

Today’s random topic is cloth diapering. The news is boring, so I started thinking about my baby making plans next month and the things I need for parenthood.

We plan to cloth diaper, because I said so. Actually, almost everything about my future child is because I said so; I’m queen bee over my household, fully in charge.


I’ve found interesting details on types of diapers, covers, and other mixed-media options. I’m far more confident about my choice now than I was, say, an hour ago. Knowledge has a way of easing worries.

Notes to myself include: Look for Snappi’s as fasteners, because pins really suck getting stuck with (baby or mommy). Flats can be made from t-shirts. Seriously, JD’s stupid keep-them-they-might-be-useful thing might *actually* be useful! The internet is your friend! There are so many resources! Don’t be intimidated, and don’t give up!

Okay, I’m done rambling.


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