Moves, news, and hair blues

Today is exciting! We’ve applied for our rental house, and now it’s just a 1-2 business day process to find out if we’re approved. Ideally, there’s no reason four adults with successful rental and employment histories would be turned down, but my worry-o-meter will only drop to zero after we get approved. *fingers crossed*

The news today is limited, assuming you don’t want to hear a dozen people analyze the damage our government shutdown did to the GOP’s future. To make up for the short selection, I’ve extended my opinions a bit.

Uruguay Will Sell Legal Marijuana For $1 Per Gram, Official Says

I think the legalization and control of marijuana is the only way to remove the criminal element found in its sales. I mean, drug dealers are in it for the money; an ex-dealer I used to work with at Hastings once told me that weed was the easiest and least violent drug to deal, as long as you didn’t cross anyone along the way.

Undercutting the illegal dealers is a smart plan to force marijuana sales into the legal realm. If it only costs me $1 to buy a gram from the government (legally), but $5 to get it from a dealer (illegally, which means possible tickets, fines, and jail time), I’m going to buy from the legal option. [Note: My pricing is completely hypothetical, as I’m very removed from drugs and drug culture; feel free to laugh at my horrible pricing guess.]

I hope this works out well for Uruguay; perhaps they can set an example for the rest of the world when it comes to decriminalizing marijuana. If we’re going to allow tobacco (a known killer) and alcohol (a dangerous substance that leads to death, illness, and abuse), maybe marijuana isn’t so bad? I mean, we might sell out of Doritos at Wal-Mart… but potheads generally don’t get into the same trouble as alcoholics. Proper regulation and rules regarding use in public (and use before operating machinery) would be enough to make marijuana safe for everyone.

Marvel Boss Says Female Superhero Film Won’t Happen Before 2016

There are strong women in the Marvel movies, for sure… but they aren’t the stars. “Thor” is about Thor, not the human scientist he falls for; she’s important to the plot, yet I can’t remember her name without Googling it. “Iron Man” (and the sequels) are about Iron Man, and Pepper Potts is just his lovely lady; she kicks some butt, but the stories are about the creation, growth, and maturation of Tony Stark as Iron Man. The Avengers has a strong female agent whose name escapes most people (myself included) and the Black Widow; everyone else in the hero/villain roles are all male.

I love Marvel, but I’d really appreciate some female role models while Stan Lee’s still alive and kicking to help guide their movie creation. Black Widow is the character most familiar to moviegoers, but there are other female heroes. Storm’s origin story would make an amazing movie. As someone who doesn’t read comics often, I had to look it up, and I found myself intrigued by her parentage and life in the wilds of Africa.

I’m actually really sad. I had to look up other Marvel female heroes, and many of them are either X-Men or unfamiliar to me. However, I can see they have amazing stories of where they’ve been and where they’re going; I’d love to see any and all of them on the big screen.


Facebook lifts ban on beheading videos


A woman’s breast in the mouth of a baby is removed. Educational drawings of anatomy, to include male and female reproductive organs, are removed. Post-surgery breast cancer images are removed (with or without nipples). Elbows that look a bit like a nipple are removed. Oh, and two men kissing are removed.

And yet… a woman’s breast with a small sticker over the nipple is okay. A woman’s ass fully naked or in a thong is okay (as long as it’s not hairy or outside of traditional beauty ideals). Bruised faces and bloodied lips with sayings like “She forgot to make me a sandwich” are okay. And now a live person being beheaded is okay.

Facebook’s censorship is uneven, unfair, and illogical. A well-written algorithm would do much better than the team of “people” (I use that term loosely) who monitor reported images for violations of Facebook ToS. The employees clearly use their own biases and personal views to determine whether a reported image is acceptable; you’ll see naked women stay posted while an obese woman in a bikini gets flagged and removed as inappropriate.

I hope the internet raises holy hell and gets Facebook to reestablish their beheading block. No one needs to see that shit!


YouTubers’ ‘Please Subscribe’ can earn them fame, money

I think it’s great that people can be creative and fun while making money. Money is necessary, since it pays the bills and buys you food… but it’s not something I strive to live for. I live for experiences, happy moments, creative chances, quirky encounters. Any career that encourages you to expand and be you is a good career.

That said, I don’t want fame from my future pagan videos. I’d like a small following, at least enough to let me know someone enjoys the junk I’m babbling. However, paganism still isn’t mainstream enough to make it big the same way that a cover artist or comedy vlogger can.

That said, there’s satisfaction in getting hits. My blog here gets about 6-10 views a day, as long as I post daily. Considering my 50+ subscribers, that’s not a large number; however, it’s larger than the 10 subscribers and 1-3 views a day that I received a few months ago. It makes me feel validated, because people are clearly taking a moment to read my opinions.


Hair Blues – my sad story

I’m about ready to shave my head bald and call it done.

I’ve tried dandruff shampoo, coal tar shampoo, natural shampoo, and homemade rinses. I’ve tried washing every day, washing every other day, and washing once a week. I’ve tried hot oil treatments and scalp scrubs, brushing my hair multiple times a day to only combing it twice with a loose comb.

I have hair that’s about two inches past my bra line, which is groovy. However, the constant flakes from my scalp aren’t groovy. Nor is the itching off and on throughout my days. Nor is the horror of trying to comb or brush this mess without having a good conditioner.

I want my hair to be stress free. I want to be able to wear it down without greasiness or flakes. I want to be able to enjoy it, rather than wishing it would all just fall out. I want to feel accomplished for growing it out this past year, instead of feeling like it’s self-imposed torture.

We’re about to start our move, and then it’ll be holiday season. I’m trying to keep my sanity AND my hair, but my sanity takes priority. Any ideas?



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