No news

There won’t be a news round up today. I spent most of my morning and afternoon at the local high school for a recruiting trip. Between that and leftover work from my day off yesterday, I’m too swamped to read around the internet.


Good news: We looked at houses yesterday, and we’ve found one we’d like to move into at the end of October. It’s a four bedroom with new appliances and a huge yard; apparently, it’s unpopular thanks to the tile floors throughout (since people want carpet). We’re going to apply as soon as we can, but we have to wait until seven days before the end of the month if we want to avoid a prorated October rent bill.

I’m hopeful but reserved. I’ll continue to worry about someone sweeping the house out from under us until we sign a lease. Thankfully, my boss is awesome and will allow me to take two weeks off (paid vacation) to move. Low stress is best!

Bad news: I’m sick. Not really sick sick, but allergy sick. I ran out of one pill and forgot to take the other over the weekend; yesterday and today have been headaches, sore throats, and overall hellishness. Hot Earl Grey tea with lots of honey is helping, but I can’t wait to grab some cough drops on the way home! It’s also moon time, so I’m tender and bloated all over. Yay, womanhood!?

Tomorrow should return us to our normal programming.


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