The new(s) game

The New(s) Game: Trying to catch Sarah up on all the news of the day… without mentioning the shutdown, government, or debt ceiling. Yesterday, I managed to remember Josh’s flexible sexuality comments and that was about it. After reading about the government all day, it’s hard to remember the “normal” news topics. I actually try to remember the good (or neutral) news reports more than anything; I figure Sarah’s apathetic enough, without adding to her attitude of “I hate people” (which I totally understand).

Nebraska Court Rules Teen Too Immature For Abortion

How can a teen be too immature for an abortion, but mature enough to become a mother at 16? You can’t have it both ways! All of her reasons for wanting an abortion without guardian consent are legitimate, from the threat of being kicked out of her current foster care home to not being able to support a child at her age. Shame on Nebraska for being ass backwards!

Against his will: Female-on-male rape

Yep, it happens both ways. Consent is not consent unless it is a clear yes, from someone sober, without coercion, of an age that’s reasonable (two teens can consent to each other, but a 14-year-old doesn’t consent to a 50-year-old). It doesn’t matter if they were hard, wet, moaning, or anything else; the body will react even if the mind is screaming.

Third Wave Witch: Feminist Spirituality, Spiritual Feminism

There’s an event called 40 Days of Prayer to Keep Abortion Legal. The idea is you can do whatever prayers, rituals, spells, and offerings you like toward the goal, with us all focusing on exactly that (keep abortion legal). I’m going to toss in my energetic support, because we sure as hell need it.

Neptune’s Moon Naiad Spotted By Hubble Telescope For First Time In Decades

I have a moon, if I haven’t mentioned it before. Don’t believe me? Look at the pictures of Neptune and her moons; one is named Larissa. LOL!

Actually, Larissa is an island in Greece, and there was an ancient princess from Larissa that married someone in mythology… nobody important, so I can’t remember who at the moment. Anyway, my mom picked my name from a romance book with a feisty heroine, and I later discovered my own island and moon as namesakes. Cool, huh?

Krokodil, The Flesh-Eating Street Drug That Rots Skin From Inside-Out, Expands To Illinois

Is it bad I’m not at all scared or upset by this? Stupid people take stupid drugs, and krokodil is especially stupid with its obvious effect of rotting your flesh. Natural selection is a thing. Let users remove themselves from the gene pool.

California Abortion Law Allows Non-Physician Clinicians To Perform First-Term Procedures

I love the idea of evidence-based abortion regulations, like this one. If a procedure is safe, it’s safe. If a morning-after pill is safe, it’s safe. Your politics, religion, and personal bias can all jump off a cliff if science says they’re all wrong.

Facebook Temporarily Banned Gay Porn Star For Posting Picture Of Him Kissing Husband

Their blocking system is clearly flawed (and at least partly automated). I mean, if enough people report a picture of a butterfly, it will get sent to their Community Standards department; then, some shmuck gets to decide whether the butterfly is or isn’t really a hate symbol against moths. If that specific shmuck likes moths, the picture will probably get removed. If they like butterflies or believe in winged-bug equality, they’ll leave it posted. Arbitrary preferences prevail.

Air Force Drops Discharge Of Sexual Assault Victim – After Story Breaks

And we all wonder why victims fail to report their attackers…

Time for a Dignified Minimum Wage

I dream of a wage hike in our futures. I’m still young enough for it to truly benefit me (and the family I’m looking to create).

Boehner offers debt extension; WH says likely OK

Two words of advice for Obama: Don’t Blink. (My inner Whovian adds “Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good Luck.”)

Seriously, though. If he keeps his backbone, our economy will struggle through the stupidity of the tea party. If he bends, he breaks our democracy in a way that no amount of super glue can fix.

Anti-abortion activists mobilize against Wendy Davis in Texas

I can only hope that the national media attention given to Wendy Davis last year ends up propelling her into the minds (and votes) of Texans. Her do-it-myself attitude about life and success fueled by her own drive make her the perfect symbol of Texan exceptionalism.


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