Couponers, moving, and newsy news

Random peeve: I hate couponers. I worked retail too long not to hate them. A couponer will stand in line with fifteen coupons for fifteen things, argue with you about store coupon policies (even if you show them that they’re wrong with written company policy), and then huff-and-puff while you struggle through processing all of their coupons in often outdated systems.

No, your savings aren’t worth the hassle you bring to every store you enter. You’re too often argumentative and exhibit a superior attitude over all cashiers and retail workers who challenge your right to be a dick. Shop online if you like coupons so much; the digital checkout won’t argue with correct coupons and won’t allow mistakes to be entered (and won’t hope you trip on the way out the door, or get hit by a car…).

Note: This doesn’t apply to someone who happens to find a “buy one, get one” coupon in the mail and uses it, or the person who has credit card related perks emailed to them monthly. I’m talking about people who stack coupons to buy out a product, and continue to do so every month (leaving nothing for other customers). I’m talking about rude assholes who act like they should have priority over everyone else in line, and questioning them is like questioning the word of God. I’m talking about the people who buy coupons off of EBay (yes, that seriously happens). Obsession like that is not healthy.

House GOP Disapproval Opens Doors For Women Candidates In 2014

A part of me would like to think that more women in office would mean wiser decisions that affect families in a positive manner. However… I’ve seen Republican women tote the same line as all their male peers. Clearly, being a woman doesn’t mean being better at politics.

Focus On Your Own Sexuality — Not Miley’s

I agree with her end point: we need to be as comfortable talking about sex and sexuality with our children (or parents) as we are with talking about a celebrity’s sexuality. However, my issues with Miley have to do with her immaturity, which just happens to be wrapped in her sexuality; if her tongue could just stay in her mouth for five minutes, I’d be happy!

Then again, I’m that fuddy duddy that doesn’t appreciate sex scenes in movies or hypersexualized songs all the time. My personal choices and tastes deter me from people like Miley, Lil Kim, and the like. (Actually, I love Christina Aguilera, but her Dirrty phase frustrated me. I bought the CD as a loyal teenage fan, but then I listened to other stuff for a while.)

If They’ll Sit Down for a Coup of Their Own Party, What’s Next?

I was just saying to my friend that I miss the old Republicans. I’d consider voting for someone who was a fiscal conservative and a social liberal; they’d be the best of both worlds, and even better if they happened to be a woman (we need more female representatives).

The Republicans Are Winning the Shutdown

Well, that’s a depressing way to look at our political scene. Honest, but depressing.

The Shutdown and the Case for Federal Government

See, this is what I’m personally afraid of. If you let Republicans reopen pieces of the government bit by bit, they’ll leave some to never be reopened. There are just some parts they don’t like, and I see them letting those parts fallow for months and years if possible. After all, the sequester cuts were left on our country, and those were supposed to be intolerable by all parties (and, therefore, a push toward working for common ground).

Sweeping New Tobacco Regulations Approved In Europe, Including Ban On Menthol

I avoid getting preachy about smoking (since I live with two smokers and a recent quitter). However, I’m always happy to see steps toward making cigarettes less appealing and/or more difficult to get. I like e-cigs (assuming we don’t discover any super negative effects). They don’t smell horrible, they have minimal additives, and they could be used to deliver drugs to patients (think THC to a cancer patient who doesn’t want to smoke pot the traditional way). I’ve tried to lure my smokers away from cigarettes with e-cigs several times, but they’re all too lazy to deal with the refilling process.

Threat of Capital Beltway shutdown is a hoax, trucker says

Well, it’s kind of a hoax. As in, no, the truckers won’t necessarily stop on the Beltway and block traffic… but thousands might show up and slow down traffic by their very existence.

Texas Bar Employee Makes Joke of Domestic Violence

Right in my backyard. Ugh! I’m glad the bar fired the idiot AND decided to donate money toward ending domestic violence.

Is Lorde’s ‘Royals,’ the top song on the Billboard Hot 100, racist?

I have to agree with the critics of the original critic. You can’t view everything through the American lens, but you especially can’t apply our cultural issues and biases to an international artist. I actually assumed she was taking about all famous people in general, thanks to the variety of rich person stereotypes she lists (trashing hotel rooms, tigers on a gold leash, Cadillac).

‘Hunger Games’ Star Josh Hutcherson Talks Gay Attraction, Says He Doesn’t Rule It Out

I don’t fangirl over actors (ever), because that’s just not me. However, I do get really excited and full of pride when someone I like as an actor goes out and says/does something awesome. To have a young man say “hey, I’m not ruling out the possibility of finding a man attractive one day” is very, very groovy.

Michelle Duggar “Trying” to Get Pregnant With 20th Child

The Quiver-full movement is about having as many children as God deems is right, to fill his quiver with “arrows”. Well, the pregnancy and birth of Duggar #19 almost cost Michelle’s life; I think, if you’re looking for messages from God as to when enough is enough… maybe that was a hint. I hope they decide to adopt, as there are plenty of children who need good homes (and it’d be safer for her health).

Positive News on My Move

This isn’t newsy news, but… we’ve found four houses that fit our criteria for moving. In case you haven’t heard me list them before, these are the requirements:

  • They must allow multiple, unmarried, adult roommates. We are a household of four unmarried adults, and we’ve successfully lived together for a while now; however, that means very little to many of the local rental companies. In fact, we’ve only located two companies (so far) that rent houses to multiple people; one of those companies charges an additional $200 deposit per adult (refundable when they move out).
  • They must allow pets. We’ve wanted a puppy for a couple years now, but our current house has a pet rent. Really. We’re supposed to pay an additional $75 per month AND a non-refundable pet deposit to have any pet other than a small goldfish. That isn’t cool, and we don’t want anything stupid like that on our next lease.
  • They need to have a single family home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a normal (or large) kitchen. Our micro kitchen has shown us how important a good kitchen is. We need three bedrooms (one each, with me and one of my boyfriends sharing a room), and the bathrooms maintain sanity with four people getting up and ready in the mornings.
  • Rent needs to be $900 or less. In our area, that’s actually not an unrealistic target rent; I know, because I’ve compared houses from realtors who work with roommates to those that work with married couples, and the rents are about the same. Our current house charges an additional $50 per month as a maintenance fee (god, read the fine print!), even though repairs take months to get addressed. We need the base rent to be the base rent, period. Any additional fees need to be limited to late fees (not that we’re ever late with rent) and special repair fees (i.e. we broke a window and they replaced it).

With those requirements, we’re more limited than most renters in our area. It’s been a bit stressful trying to find a house that fits them all, and I’ve been looking for a few months now. However, finding the four possibilities so far has relieved a bit of my stress. With our different schedules, I’ve sent one boy to look on Monday, another to look today, and we get to look at the last two options this Friday. Ideally, we’ll iron out our top three preferences and apply as close to the end of the month as possible (to avoid prorated October rent in addition to November’s rent at both locations). The joys of adulthood!

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