LARPing, and random news articles

I wish I knew someone who LARPed nearby. I love the idea, especially as I think back to playing Vampire: The Masquerade with my friends. We stuck to storytelling and roleplaying, but I think it’d be fun to go one more step and act it all out.

Did I ever mention I’m really weird and quirky?

Hobby Lobby Boycotts Jewish Hanukkah And Passover

You can’t go to a notoriously Christian store (closed on Sundays, whining about contraception coverage, etc.) and be surprised that they’re stocking only Christian items. It’s like going to a sport store and being upset that they don’t have dance shoes; sure, dance is a sport, but most athletic stores aren’t going to treat it as such. Tradition is stronger than anything else.

That said, I don’t particularly like or dislike Hobby Lobby. I hate their stupid politics and all, but I don’t have another craft store nearby. When it comes down to it, I end up at Hobby Lobby for the same reasons that I end up getting prescriptions at Walmart; convenience outweighs annoyance.

Will GOP Learn from Shutdown Fiasco or Force Another One Over Debt Ceiling?

Oh, sweet Jesus! We’re all going to die! Okay, that’s melodramatic, but still… I don’t want any additional power given to the government and taken from the protection agencies, not when it’s so broken and gridlocked. Agencies run on science and studies, not lobbyist money and good ol’ fashion ignorance; I want the scientists and engineers to decide what’s safe and healthy for us.

California Legalizes Industrial Hemp, With A Catch

Yay, hemp! I’d like to see how hemp changes the textile industry. Between hemp and bamboo, you could get some pretty good (non-cotton) natural fibers and fabrics. I prefer bamboo, but it also happens to be highly invasive. Hmm…

This Is Why Trans People Rarely Speak Up When We’re Misgendered

Sometimes, I love the internet and all it can do with the power of millions of fingers pounding at the keys. Other times, like this, I feel ashamed that it should sink so low.

Belgian helped to die after three sex change operations

If you knew there was a way out, would it make you feel better? For some dying patients, just the knowledge that they have access to death at their own terms is enough to keep them alive. Sometimes, it’s about control; if you have the control over your own life and death (in the midst of medical and mental trauma), then you regain some strength of will. Or, you have a way to end your suffering with minimal trauma to your family and friends.

I’m pro-euthanasia. I believe that adult people should have the right and ability to end their lives if faced with insurmountable odds. I don’t want to live, for example, if I have to spend every waking moment in a bed or chair.

My embarrassing picture went viral

I’m very happy with myself. I saw this picture before I saw the article, and I clicked on it thinking “hmm, that looks like a cosplay!” I had no internal judgment of size or proper costuming; actually, I thought the cosplayer looked just like Lara Croft before discovering that was the intent. That said, I’m glad she’s found strength in the crap she dealt with. I personally love the “people of Walmart”-style posts, except I look for the ones with costumes and quirks; I like seeing weirdos like myself out there, walking through the store with a 3-foot tail or a peacock-feathered headdress.

Doctor Who anniversary episode to screen worldwide

Happy dance! As a Whovian, I’m super excited for the anniversary episode. Not only do we get to see some of our favorite old characters, but the current plot is all mysterious with the Doctor’s secret soon to be revealed. I’d love to see who was closest to being right with their guesses.



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