lazy Monday news

Mondays are slow for us here at the college, as long as it’s not registration time. This morning, I walked outside into the 63 degree air and sighed; it was destined to be a good morning!

Note: I live in central Texas, where 63 degrees at this point in the year is LOW. It’s still 80 degrees most afternoons, even with October starting.

Having very little work to do leaves me plenty of time to read the news, muse over things I’ve read, and make lists. For example, I have a blog to-do list; I need to write an entry for the blog I’m a staff writer on, as well as a non-news blog here and an update post for our shop blog. On with the writing!

GOP Lawmakers: House Could End Standoff With Up-Or-Down Vote On Clean Bill

It’d be nice to see 17 cooler heads prevail, but I’m still holding out for a shutdown. I want to see our government crash and burn (again); it seems like the only way to remove the threat. I mean, you can’t threaten to put your kid in timeout after you put them in timeout; that’s just not effective anymore. The same can apply to a shutdown. Let it happen, let the soldiers and civil servants throw a FIT, and then let business get back to actually happening.

DOJ To Sue North Carolina Over Voter ID Law, Voting Restrictions

I don’t have a problem with voter ID laws (when they’re passed long before voting season like this). My issue is with provisions that restrict voting times and places; I mean, we all waited in ridiculous lines last year, and that wasn’t even with 75% turnout. What if Americans wanted to, I don’t know, vote? Also, it’s asinine to not count votes that are cast in the wrong building but the right county; there are too many (mostly poor) people who move around often enough to end up living miles from their previously listed voting precinct. Unlike the IDs, I believe that expecting voters to re-file their voter’s registration every time they move is obnoxious. Honestly, I believe anyone who’s registered to vote in a state should be allowed to vote anywhere in said state, regardless of address.

House Republicans Target Contraception In Last-Minute Spending Bill

Ugh! I get people being against abortion, even if I don’t agree with them. However, being against contraception is stupid. They’re taking a stand against safer sex and family planning, essentially saying that women have no right to enjoy sex outside of baby-making. Contraception doesn’t kill anything; it (the pill specifically) stops an egg from being released at all, which means there’s nothing to fertilize. If the Republicans want to lower abortion rates and prevent single-parent families from forming, they should support birth control instead of fighting it.

Elizabeth Warren Calls For Big Changes To Student Loans

I really do think we need to let student loans be relieved during bankruptcy. I mean, if you qualify for bankruptcy, clearly your education isn’t earning you a job that can pay your bills. Thus, it’s not worth the money you’re indebted to pay… and you should be released from that burden.

15 Things The Experts Don’t Tell You About Childbirth

I love honest blogs and articles about childbirth. While I don’t want everyone to try to scare pregnant women, I think we need access to honest and complete information about what happens to our bodies. For example, the fact that epidurals aren’t guaranteed to work completely is news to me; I assumed that they were a sure thing, since they’re medicine directly pumped into your spine.

I’m already crafting a birth plan, and I’ve warned everyone… if the hospital won’t agree to my terms (being able to walk around, drink water/juice, etc.) then I will wait until right before birth to show up. I happen to know that labor progresses for ages before you actually *need* to be in the hospital, and lots of first-time mothers show up really early in the process. As long as I’m having a normal pregnancy without complications, I’m going to use my knowledge from other mothers to gauge what needs to be done.

We Killed Our Television. And I Have No Regrets.

I think there’d be an armed rebellion if I took away the TV in our house. However, I’m thinking we need to have a TV-less Tuesday or something, so that we can get things done around the house. It’s hard for me, because my roommates all plunk down with laptops and TVs on the weekends; nobody wants to shut stuff off and get to work, and I hate working alone.

Are You Ready For Google Glass? 3 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

I like the idea that we need to be social media role models for our children. I hope to show my future bratlings that you can be open and honest on the internet without falling into the abyss. I have never written or posted anything online that wouldn’t be acceptable years later. My theory is this: I’m me right now, I’ll be me next year, and I’ll be me in a decade… so if I always express myself as me (and not some made up persona) and live authentically, there will be no problem with someone bringing up a blog post from back in high school.

(Really Good) Sh*t My Mom Says (About Her Gay Grandson)

Oh, the warm fuzzies!

Dad Injects Self, Son With Heroin the Day Divorce Was To Be Final

There’s a special place in hell for people like this man. Actually, I’m glad it’s alive; prison is a much better place to stick a man who’s attempted to murder his own son. I hear inmates love people who mess with kids…

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