Friday Blues, and the News

End-of-the-month Fridays are my least favorite days, ever! It’s rent time, which means watching most of my paycheck disappear in one fail swoop. Then, the rest gets kidnapped by bills and groceries, leaving me with a few bucks for a movie rental and some coffee. Oh, the humanity!

Actually, it’s not so bad. I’m just in a blue mood, and today is the slowest Friday I’ve ever experienced. We’ve had a rumor run through campus about a shooting on Fort Hood; it’s been officially verified as false. We’ve also had a mandatory signature form update, which I got snipped at for helping with; my coworkers felt like I was rushing them to sign something they weren’t familiar with… even though the form is a paragraph of updated information, which is signed as an acknowledgement. They can’t NOT accept the change, so I don’t know why– no, whatever. I’m over it. On with the news!

Utah High School Football Coach Suspends Entire Team Amid Reports Of Cyberbullying

*Applause* This coach is fantastic! He nipped his team’s bullying habits in the bud by removing their opportunity to play… but he gave them a chance to learn by allowing steps to earn playing privileges again. I would like that website to go away now, though; I’ve only heard of it in bullying stories, not as a social media sensation.

Barilla Chairman Stands By Anti-Gay Ad Policy, Citing Family Values

You can’t un-know a thing. I don’t actively seek out anti-gay brands to avoid, but once I’m aware of an asinine attitude, I can’t just pretend not to know. I don’t eat at Chik-fil-A anymore for the same reason. Thankfully, though, I don’t generally buy Barilla junk; my house is too health (and wallet) conscious, so we end up purchasing other brands.

Does Handwriting Still Matter In A Digital World?

I worked with rental applications at the video/book store; legibility was a problem. Now I work at a college, and applications are 90% handwritten. Apartment rental applications are also handwritten, as are many job applications, bill payment forms, and banking documents. As long as our world isn’t run by swiping our thumbprints or scanning our eyeballs, we should consider legible handwriting a goal.

Besides… when the apocalypse comes, you can’t guarantee internet/electricity, but I bet you there will still be paper and ink.

Big Consumer Win: Gmail Judge Rules For Privacy In Email

THANK YOU! Considering that Gmail wanted to use your email contents for making their ads to you more specific, I think this is a fair win. They can figure out what to advertise based on everything else: my Google searches, the websites I visit while logged into Gmail, etc. They don’t need the contents of my emails.

Mayor Cory Booker: My Organic Food Stamp Challenge

Yeah… try eating that stuff every day. Plain, good-for-you food every day is just as exciting as bread and water. Sure, you *can* buy organic and natural foods on a foot stamp budget, provided you eat the same thing for a week and seek out stores other than Wal-Mart. But you *can* survive on a diet of nutritionally balanced grey smoothies with no flavor, too… you just don’t want to.

Another forgotten aspect of being poor is time. Often, you don’t have time to prep and cook whole foods, or you lack the energy after a day on your feet serving rude customers or stocking shelves. So you turn to easy, quick meals. That’s why junky, bad-for-you food is more common on a food stamp diet; it’s cheap AND easy. This article speaks from a point of privilege, where time and money clearly aren’t a problem in day-to-day life.

The Truth About Stretch Marks

I’ve had stretch marks for years. I got the first ones on my hips, boobs, and arms at puberty. Then, my rapid weight gain at the end of high school (from moving to a hotter climate, being less active, and depression) added new marks on my stomach. Since then, I’ll be honest; I’ve been looking forward to motherhood as an excuse to have the marks. Yes, it’s crappy, but it’s the truth. I can’t make myself proud of my TV-and-Taco-Bell marks, but I could easily accept I-made-a-new-life ones.

6 arrests in vandalism of ex-NFL player’s NY home

When you commit a crime and your victim offers to not file charges if you come undo your damages… you get your ass to his house! I hope every single one of them gets turned in; after all, they’ll likely snitch on each other rather than go down alone. I’m assuming he’s not pressing charges against the four that bothered to show up for restitutional cleaning.


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