First Aid and Newsie News

  • Lame: Taking a First Aid course through college, only to find out that the money paid for the class doesn’t cover your certification.
  • Lamer: The teacher tells you to use whatever copy of the Red Cross guide that you find, even if it’s not the student edition… but then teaches everything from the student-specific pages.
  • Lamest: The class crams $50 and 7 hours worth of certification training into a $176 course that stretches four months.

That would be my First Aid class. Unfortunately, I have to take it; the three credit hours cover my kinesiology requirements on my degree plan, which in turn allows me to graduate this fall. But how lame is it for other students? What a waste of time and money! The only good news is that my teacher feels the need to review the *exact* questions from the quizzes… right before we do the quizzes! Talk about an easy-A!

NSA Reform Bill Comes From Bipartisan Group Of Senators

I hope that this battle for our rights and privacy is won long before I’m too old to enjoy it. Seriously, you can’t just let the NSA keep on trucking as the majority of Americans balk at its behavior. We’ve drawn a line in the sand as to what is and is not acceptable for national security (FINALLY!).

House Republicans Argued Unsuccessfully To Include Abortion Provision In Debt Ceiling Bill

Random thought: I want a bill that forces all male representatives to walk around with a fake pregnancy belly (of increasing weight) for 9 months, then to experience simulated labor. That’s all; we’ll leave out simulated morning sickness and the like. I’d love to see how their views were altered by the process, if at all.

SAT Results For 2013 Show Low Rates Of College Preparedness

I’m going to say this again. As someone working at a college, I find it ridiculous how we place so much emphasis on test scores. Some people (kids and adults) don’t test well. Some will study their asses off and pass college-level math classes with flying colors, even though they test into the lowest remedial classes offered. Let adults (be they new graduates or old-timers coming back to school) take their own chances and make their own mistakes.

Also, I learned very little in my junior year advanced English class; my teacher reviewed SAT prep questions related to the English and writing portions almost every day. When we actually managed to write a paper on something curriculum-related, I got marks all over my paper for “word choice” because the teacher didn’t like my vocabulary decisions. Instead of saying “the floor was properly cleaned”, she’d claim “correctly” was a better word, or some similar babble. Similarly, my friend was accused of plagiarism for using too many big words. Needless to say, I learned very little in that class. I spent most of the class time passing notes back and forth with my best friend, or secretly reading a book in my lap. Imagine, a student reading in English class!

LA School iPad Security Breached In No Time By Students

HA! Did they really not see this coming? You can’t have old people hand young people tech, then expect them to leave it *exactly* as it is. They’d be better off with ereaders for textbooks and other files; most ereaders lack internet compatibility, making a hack harder to accomplish. That, or you accept reality and just block specific sites. My school did that in Germany after a slambook-style email made rounds; they blocked ALL email sites other than the school (teacher) accounts, as well as any site they deemed negative. It affected anyone who accessed our school’s internet, even if they weren’t a student. Do that, and know that students who have the right to take home devices WILL access other sites when they’re at home.

Guardian Article Seriously Claims You Shouldn’t Report Sexual Harassment At Work

Oh, you twit! Of course it’s our faults we get harassed! Of course we should just sit down, shut up, and take it! Popularity is more important than comfort; after all, everyone knows women get to the top by sleeping with the boss! Oh, wait… you didn’t mean it like that? Piss off!

Should e-cigarettes be banned from restaurants?

I actually love e-cigs, because so many people I know have quit or cut down their smoking thanks to the tech. However, I disagree with the author on one point: E-cigs DO have a smell, unless the person uses flavorless liquids. I carpooled with a vaper, and she often smelled like donuts, coffee, and chocolate.

However, I don’t think e-cigs encourage smoking or have any real harmful side effects. We’ll see in the next decade or two if there are any problems discovered along the way. They are definitely better for you than cigarettes, hands down.


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