Zombies, survival, and what’s in the news

Violent movies and video games have saved my life.

Well, at least in my dreams.

Last night, I ended up dreaming myself into the beginning of a zombie outbreak. When my family ran into my bedroom (being the only one without windows), my infected dad tried to follow; I promptly grabbed my decorative dagger and stabbed him in the spine repeatedly, all the while hugging his torso in an attempt to control his movements and avoid his bites. When he finally fell, my mom asked if I’d been bit; before even checking myself (I was sore from his hands digging into me as he tried to escape me reach), I tossed my dagger to my mom so she’d be armed.

I woke up to use the bathroom, then went back to sleep. I ended up on a subway out of town with my mom and brother, but it was stopped by a crash further up the line. As we escaped from the cars, I was separated from my family. Zombies started to chase people down, so everyone was running and screaming. Seeing a corner full of some homeless man’s trash and treasures, I dove in and pulled a huge winter coat over me. I hoped the zombies would chase after the obvious prey and ignore the girl hidden under unbathed stink and garbage. I still hadn’t died when my alarm went off.

I think the biggest boon that violent movies and games provide us is a chance to imagine worst case scenarios (like an apocalypse) and come up with a strategy for survival. They teach us not to be mindless cows led to slaughter, but to fight for life. And… I know better than to let sentiment stop me from stabbing my zombie dad. So there!

Now, on with today’s news updates!


Robert Small, Maryland Parent, Arrested At School Meeting After Questioning Common Core

The officer in this video was overly aggressive and in the face of the father he ejected from the meeting. Parents have the right to question education, especially when it directly affects their children. I hope the local PD realizes its mistake and drops the “assault” charges against the man. If not, I hope they at least let him get off without jail time. They can’t be stupid enough to actually give him 10 years, at least not with the internet watching.


Aaron Alexis Lied About Previous Arrest, Debts To Gain Navy Yard Security Clearance, Report Says

When my dad filled out a background check for security clearance, they wanted every address for the past 20 years, every speeding ticket and moving violation, and every penny owed to anyone. Why isn’t that the standard? If you feel that a security clearance is necessary for a position, then it should be a COMPLETE background check. Period.


E.W. Jackson, GOP Candidate: Non-Christians Are ‘Engaged In Some Sort Of False Religion’

I would be pissed to live in Virginia right now! As a non-Christian, I find his statements offensive and obnoxious. No leader has the right to look down his nose on his people, be they a different color, sex, or creed. For the pagans in Virginia, I hope he never makes office; I hope they’re paying enough attention to do something about it.


Can We Stop Pretending Pope Francis Is a Reformer?

Here’s my issue. Catholicism is a religion with very dogmatic views. I can’t (and don’t) expect an entire religion to change overnight, even if I feel it’s completely behind on the times. That said, the small gestures Pope Francis has made do have meaning. He may not be opening the Church to all the progressive ideas out there (gay rights, transgender issues, women in leadership of the Church, atheists, etc.), but he’s taking the lead in moving the Church away from the constant condemnation of others. You have to give him credit for moving closer to the original teachings of Jesus (love, peace, acceptance).


We Need to End Antibiotics Use in Meat Production Now

I really wish we would stop. Medicine should be used as medicine; if an animal is sick, it should see a doctor (vet) for a prescription. I’m currently a vegetarian, but I enjoy meat. I’d like to see it be less of a vice, as right now it seems akin to smoking (as far as negative affects on the body go).


I Am Strong

I am not strong. An early-term miscarriage was bad enough; a stillborn would probably break me. I’m not sure I could try again after that. Heck, I’m not sure I’d try again after a couple early-term miscarriages. I’d give up, get an IUD, and adopt a dozen puppies and kittens.


Terisa Siagatonu & Rudy Francisco – “Sons” (NPS 2013)

This new poem was posted on Button Poetry, a spoke word YouTube channel I subscribe to. I love it, but it just frustrates me further. I understand where they’re approaching the problem of rape culture from, but I still refuse to forgive my sons and daughters the crime of rape. In no uncertain terms, I will define what is and is not acceptable behavior. I will outline rape, sexual abuse, and trauma in words they will understand, in examples that include their own mother. If they still choose to ignore my lessons and rape someone, they choose to become something other than my own child. I will turn them into the police myself, and I will put up for defense for their actions. You will never hear me explaining that “he was such a good boy” to the reporters. I will live with the burden of rejecting my own child, just as they will live with the burden of raping someone. Hopefully, that will never be a situation my family has to face.


Dear Friends and Future Lover(s)

Oh please… First of all, texting helped my day shifts and my boyfriend’s night shifts get out of the way while developing our relationship. We had day-long conversations, with one person answering texts in the morning, both in the afternoon between lunches and clock-ins, and another answering mostly at night. This floated us through the times when no time could be made for movie night or a quiet dinner at home.

Secondly, my phone allows group planning to be brainstormed with all parties participating, even if we can’t all be present. That party we’re planning for the end of the month? Text Sarah and ask her if she can make that awesome fried rice again, because Russell says he wants to bring egg rolls and watch bad karate movies. Maybe we can make it a theme?

And lastly, I may appreciate a real life hug when I’m falling to pieces… but a kind text during a rough day usually gets me through just fine. My friends can’t just drop everything and run to me when my boss gives me a hard time or I spill coffee all over myself. Seeing my frustration on Facebook and giving me an e-hug is plenty; it lets me know they care.

Then again, I’ve grown up online AND I’m not a psychotherapist. My views are colored by my experiences.


Suspended Student May Be Expelled for Rest of the Year for Playing With Toy Gun…in His Own Yard

What the heck?? I’m sorry, but unless the thing happens on or near school grounds, you can’t punish a kid for the thing. Period. Leave that to parents and police, if it’s actually a problem. (In this case, it’s not. It’s a toy, being used as a toy. Sheesh!!)



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