Random News Roundup

I’ve been bored by the news off and on lately, so I haven’t been collecting my opinions for a news roundup. Instead, I post the occasional “like” or comment on Facebook and leave it be. Today, though, it seemed like there was plenty to think about.

House To Vote On Stopgap Measure Linked To Obamacare Defunding

At this point, I think shutting down the government would be a good thing. Yes, lots of people will be screwed out of paychecks (including our soldiers). Yes, chaos would commence. But the stupidity would stop. All of it, from BOTH sides. When faced with the unacceptable, the American people rise up and get things done; the government shutting down would be a time when all people, conservative and liberal, could agree that things have gotten too far out of hand.

Or we could just accidentally become an anarchy.

GOP’s secret anti-choice plot: The shady crackdown on abortion doctors

I considered being a doctor, once. The costs of education and the idea of facing patients I couldn’t help deterred me. I’m considering training as a doula and, eventually, a midwife; I want to help women get the kind of care they want and need. I’m glad to hear some new doctors are seeking the training to provide abortion services, knowing that they’re needed.

Recycle Yourself: Q&A With Transplant Surgeon Chris Barry

I strongly support organ donation. I’ve managed to get everyone in my house to sign up, and it happens to be an easy check box here in Texas when you’re renewing your driver’s license or ID. Nothing in my spirituality requires me to stay whole and be buried to survive to the afterlife. In fact, my spirit would be better off with my parts helping to save the lives of others; this is the ultimate selfless giving, offering up your body to save anyone and everyone it can as your final act of physicality.

Cyberbullying Apps — Why Are We Allowing Anonymous Cruelty?

I hope I give my kids [a] the strength to stand up against bullies without becoming one, [b] the ability to ignore the words of ignorant people, [c] the ability to rise above it all, and [d] the knowledge that they really can come to me or their other adult family for help. I also hope to teach online behavior at an early age, both to help prevent cyberbullying and to help them avoid oversharing.

Facebook ‘Like’ Protected By First Amendment, Appeals Court Rules

It seems obvious (at least to me, a young person) that a “like” is speech to be protected. I mean, if a forwarded email can get you in trouble or be protected, than I’d say a “like” is the new forward. Just like forwarding an email, “liking” a page or status only takes a click or two.



2 thoughts on “Random News Roundup

    • I can’t promise to always agree with everyone else’s opinions, but I’m in if you’d like a New Age writer. I happen to know a thriving, women-positive pagan community and have lots of stories and experience that I could share.

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