Syria, Propaganda, and being left behind

I came to work this morning with the possibility that my country had gone to war while I was enjoying Labor Day. Now I’m just sick to my stomach as I watch liberal after liberal fall in line with the war-drum beat. When did they all forget that we’re the anti-war side? When did being liberal stop meaning we were the cool-headed ones? I’ve been left behind to read their propaganda-woven articles and shake my head.

I’ve contacted my Senator and Congressman, whatever good that might do. I sent them the following message:

You’re my voice in the House/Senate. Even though I’m a liberal, I hope that you remember that you represent all of us in Texas, not just the people who voted for you. I live next to Fort Hood, and I’m tired of us running soldiers ragged over other countries’ mistakes. Tell Obama to leave Syria alone, please.


Obama Lobbies For Syria Vote As White House Employs ‘Flood-The-Zone’ Strategy

Please fail. Stay obstinate, you bloody Republicans, and vote against attaching Syria simply because Obama wants to do it.

Obama Will Launch a Huge Propaganda Blitz — And May Attack Syria Even If He Loses the Vote in Congress

Congresswoman Lofgren said it best: “I think that anyone who argues that shooting missiles and dropping bombs on another country is not an act of war has got some further education warranted. If somebody shot cruise missiles at Washington for only one day, we would still consider it an act of war, wouldn’t we?” We can claim an attack on Syria is just to a “limited action” to deter chemical weapon use, but at the end of the day we will find ourselves at war… especially if we charge in (again) alone.

A Progressive Perspective: Why Congress Should Approve the President’s Request to Punish the Use of Chemical Weapons

Propaganda piece #1. “It’s not war, it’s just a police action.” No, wait, that was the Korean conflict…

France’s “Cri de Guerre”

Letting a man march in with his army, grab all of your Jews, and gas them is not the same as a man’s army bombing his enemies with a deadly gas. While both are despicable, there is not a genocide being performed against a specific group of people. Too often Hitler is used as a comparison to rile up people’s emotions.

It’s About the Syrian People

Propaganda piece #2. Let’s pull on your heartstrings a bit. The last paragraph says it all: “It will not be easy to reconstitute the Syrian nation, to reconcile its people, and to heal the many wounds inflicted by this devastating war. But this, not revenge, must be the goal we seek — for the sake of the region, for Syria and most especially for the Syrian people.” So we’re supposed to go fix this broken nation, because their too helpless and lost to do it themselves. Because we’re totally in good shape as a nation, so we can afford the time and money to fix other country’s problems. Riiiiight…

Does the GOP Not Want to Punish Assad?

Propaganda piece #3. “Oh, the children! Think of the children!” I didn’t even make it past the first paragraph before I found myself disgusted with this article’s blatant attempt to guilt-trip us all into war. Oh, and I continued reading. The obligatory Holocaust references were made. And a good ol’ reference to the Ten Commandments, which are “universal” (according to the author). Sheesh!

America Must Close the Syrian Box

Propaganda piece #4. “We’re the reason such evil exists, so we have to fix it.” I would like to point out that the entire world sat aside to watch Saddam Hussein do what he did to his people; England and Germany and France and all of the world’s powers were more than willing to ignore the situation as well. How are we the sole creators of the Pandora’s box this author alludes to? Instead, a UN response should be the goal; after all, the whole world has a stake in keeping the worst kinds of warfare out of commission. Let Syria fall to pieces, as long as those pieces aren’t dangerous to anyone else.


I’m feeling angry and betrayed. I haven’t gotten through Huffington Post yet, so all of the above articles are still from the same site. That said, I must point out… for a liberal news site, they sure do sound pro-war. I feel frustrated and powerless, especially as my own side goes marching off to conflict. When your own people ditch you, what’s left?

G-20 Should Break UN Deadlock and Call for Removal of All Chemical Weapons From Syria

A glimmer of hope, however small, is better than nothing. What good is a “United Nations” if they can’t unite and do something?


I’ll be honest. I got tired of reading the news after seeing the same crap on all the other websites. I’m done with news for the day.


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