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Today is the first day of classes here at the college. Yay? Unfortunately, it’s late registration time for all of the real procrastinators. I’m signed up for spin bike and first aid, so we’ll see how it feels to be back in a classroom (well, at least in a gym). My workload is greatly lowered, so I’m going to be back to semi-regular posts on the news (as well as random posts on other life stuff).

Speaking of life stuff, here’s a fun story. We rent a house. We received a “missed delivery” slip for the owner last Wednesday for a certified letter. I joked about him not paying his mortgage. We received an envelope on our door Friday from a mortgage company (legit). Our realty company has been closed (during posted hours) all week. I’m not amused by any of it.

Thankfully, we plan to move in October anyway. If we have to move early, our realtor will be swallowing the loss of a rent payment for us to do so. If nothing happens, we still plan to move out and on to a better house (and better realtor). We’ll see what transpires.

A Promise for My Daughter

I have a love/hate relationship with pieces like this. I love them, becuase they’re a beautiful expression of love in poetic prose. I hate them, because they tend to make me sniffle and cry (at work, no less).

Arizona Law Defunding Planned Parenthood Struck Down

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Planned Parenthood was my ONLY clinic for uninsured women’s health access in my younger days. That was their core purpose, with abortions being one of dozens of services they provide. Defunding them is targeting an organization because you don’t like it; if a state like California tried to ban Walmarts based on disliking their low wages, you bet there’d be trouble for Cali.

Rick Perry Business Ad Rejected By Missouri Radio Station

Hehehe, I love seeing Perry get a little bit o’ smack down from other people.

Republicans eye scary consolation prize

That’s just depressing… and realistic. The minute the sequestration cuts hit us, I knew they were the “new normal” for our country. This whole we-can’t-play-nice-with-others behavior from all of our representatives (both parites) is sickening and unchanging. The only way we can defeat this kind of crap is to, as a country united, rise up and vote out all the trouble makers (if we could all agree on who was the trouble and who was the solution… which is also impossible).

Strategy-Based Video Games, Like Starcraft, Improve Brain’s ‘Cognitive Flexibility’

I already knew (and agree) that most games improve brain function in some fashion. Even violent games provide some form of reflex increase or the like. I actually prefer RPGs and games like World of Warcraft for my personal pleasure, but I also play “puzzle” games like Pikmin. I support gaming as a learning tool.

Sticks, Stones and #Slanegirl or Why Shaming Girls Is a Blood Sport

This is why I try (and often fail) to remove female-specific hate words from my vocabulary. I don’t want to use them like they’re normal. I want my child to come to me and ask what a “cunt” is, just like I had to ask the internet when I first heard the word (which wasn’t until after graduating high school). I want words like “bitch”, “slut”, “whore”, and “ho” to be taboo on my children’s tongues… the kind of words that have them, even at the age of 30, looking over their shoulder for Mom’s glare when uttered.

I want my boys to fight the fight against slut shaming, even if they don’t like the girl being verbally abused. I want my girls to do the same, and to stand up for themselves (or let me know and I’ll stand up quite gladly for them). My child, male or female, will NOT survive being a rapist, nor will life be pleasant if they slut shame anyone and I find out. They will learn what is and is NOT acceptable behavior, and I will offer up brilliant and loving adults to this world when I’m through raising them.

U.S. Wild Pig Problem Irks State Officials

The best cure for most non-natural, invasive species is to eat them. If I had the choice of buying javalina (Texas wild boar) meat or regular farm pork, I’d choose the wild meat. They really are out of control, in a scary and dangerous way.

Trapped in trauma: Male victims confront sexual assault in military

So, I learned a positive new thing about myself. My loathing and violent hate for rapists applies to those who rape both women AND men. I wasn’t sure, ya know? You can talk the talk, but sometimes you can’t be sure you’re really how you say you are… until you face an example that tests your beliefs. I’ve always been very anti-rapist, but I’ve only focused on it from the female victim perspective. Reading this article on men raped in the armed forces, I realize that I want to get vengeance for them, too. I won’t, because I’m nobody important… but it’s nice to know my internal measure of justice works for men as well as women.

Farmer’s Almanac Predicts ‘Bitterly Cold’ Winter

I hate when people act like global warming just means everything will get hotter, period. The idea about climate change is that the climate changes, dramatically. That means a place like central Texas (where I live) will have a summer that’s four straight months of over 100 degree temperatures, only to have a summer the next year with almost no days over 100 degrees. It means having a winter so cold your pipes all freeze (again, here in Texas), followed by a winter so full of rain and mild temperatures that spring comes early (and stays around longer) the next year. Climate change is scary because of its unpredictability.


High hopes: the UFO cult ‘restoring’ the victims of female genital mutilation

I don’t care who’s doing it. I just appreciate doctors who take the time to rebuild people and their lives.

Syria: Thousands Suffering Neurotoxic Symptoms Treated in Hospitals Supported by MSF

This is terrifying. I want nothing to do with Syria, nor do I want my country interfering (as always). Still, this is very scary to know.


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