Random updates, and the daily news round up

Random updates first…

On YouTube: I’ve decided to forget about doing YouTube videos. I don’t have the drive to wait out and fix all of my issues… a lack of equipment, lack of editing skill, slowly healing acne from bad meds, and camera shyness that makes talking to a flashing red dot awkward. I’d love to see some Crash Course style courses out there for paganism, but I won’t be the one to create them.

On college education: I wrote previously about my quest to get evaluated credit for my computer and work experience. Well…


I’m getting credit for four classes (12 credit hours) based on my experience and work history. It’s exciting for multiple reasons. For one, it validates my belief that we should all get a chance at credit for “time in” as humans; we all have credit-worthy skills that were mastered by simply existing. Two, it places me one class away from graduating this December. And three, it means I can finally finish my degree and get everyone off my back.

Now, the news!

Why a Pro-Choice Activist Went to a Crisis Pregnancy Clinic (and What She Found There)

Having visited a Hope Center here in Texas, I have to agree with her. The people are nice, especially if you don’t express any desire to abort… but the information flyers are all crap. They did a pregnancy test for me, and “counseled” me about places that could help with maternity clothes and baby supplies (since I worked part-time).

Texas and Tampons — Why Sister Supplies Should Be Part of the Dialogue on Reproductive Health

I never really thought about the cost of tampons throughout the year. I mean, I only have periods every three months on the pill (now), but previously it was between $15-20 a month for the tampons I prefer (they don’t leak if you have to go hours without changing them). It’s expensive to be a woman, and we don’t subsidize the costs when poor women apply for benefits. It seems off.

Now, to be fair… I might’ve considered throwing an unused tampon on the dicks in office. Except I’m too well behaved, so it might’ve been a fantasy in my mind instead. Most of the women who had them probably needed them (or carry a few “in case” at all times, as I do).

North Dakota Law Banning Abortion Drug Ruled Unconstitutional

You can’t ban a medically and scientifically safe drug from use just because your religion is against its purpose. Piss off! A snarky part of me says that North Dakota only banned almost all forms of abortion to increase their super low population levels…

Texas Bill Would Block Anti-Abortion Laws Until Death Penalty Is Abolished

Interesting idea… It’s like a bill to make you practice either complete pro-life activities or none at all. It’s not perfect, though, because women’s rights are still taken away… that’s just delayed until after vengeance is removed from the justice menu.

Kim O’Grady, Male Consultant, On ‘How I Discovered Gender Discrimination’

I find this guy’s experience entertaining. Any time a male gets to experience something women experience, without making plans to do so, amuses me. They’re always surprised at how easily and quickly they’re disregarded for being “female”.

July 2013 Northeast Heat Wave Scorches New England, New York And Mid-Atlantic States

The East is boiling, while Texas is full of rain and cool weather. I love it when Mother Nature gets feisty and changes things up! Just look at the problems Britain is facing, all from temperatures like 89 degrees; that’s “wow, today is a cool day” in Texas summer temperatures, but in Britain it was melting their roads! I find it humorous when people in other areas complain about heat that’s lower than ours.

McDonald’s Literally Cannot Imagine How Its Workers Would Survive on the Minimum Wage

This makes me laugh, then cry. You can’t live off of one minimum wage income, even with full-time hours. Period. There is no exception. I live happily and relatively well due to four adults working full-time, all getting paid at least a dollar above minimum wage. Four adults! It’s only thanks to our joined income that we all have insurance, phones, internet, a car, and other “luxury” items (which are required to live, find jobs, keep jobs, and stay healthy).


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