Daily News Round Up 07.15.13

Today is a wonderfully rainy day! I love the rain, especially living in Texas. We don’t often get long periods of rain, even in the “wet” season. Coming here from places like Kentucky, Germany, and Washington (state), it’s hard to get used to being dry all the time. However, this week is scheduled to have rain off and on throughout, making me giddy!

One positive aspect of a dry climate, though, is the guarantee of petrichor occurring when it rains. The smell of rain (aka petrichor) only happens if the ground was dried out before rainfall; places like Washington often stay too wet to really give off the smell, lending their “rain smell” to be more the smell of wet foliage than anything else.

Ted Cruz Heading To New Hampshire

Ted can go “Cruz” himself right off the edge of something, because nobody wants his kind of madness in the White House.

Rick Perry: Jobs Pitch In Other States Is ‘Not About Me’

It’s nothing personal… he just knows that companies appreciate the complete lack of safety standards in our state. Look how well that did for West, Texas.

Greg Abbott Launches Texas Governor Campaign For 2014

No, I’d rather not vote in Perry’s clone. Wendy Davis for 2014!

Rick Perry Defends Texas Abortion Law

Did he really try to say that it’s better to have the state government decide what happens in my uterus, rather than the federal government? Like it’s all okay, because it’s “local” government?? Seriously??? There aren’t enough question marks out there to express my incredulity over his audacity.

Also, he likes to ignore the reality of closing most of our clinics and focus on the 20 weeks rule. By defunding Planned Parenthood, creating ridiculous regulations for clinics, and overall mismanagement of the Women’s Health Program, he’s ensuring that women in Texas are screwed. Look at the system poor women have to work with to get basic healthcare and family planning services in Texas.

Michael Bloomberg: George Zimmerman Verdict Shows ‘Shoot-First’ Laws Must Go

I have the privilege of being a white girl in a (still) racially-imbalanced society. That said, I will only share one article on the Zimmerman trial and verdict. I believe all “Stand Your Ground” laws are wrong, because too many crazed people have access to guns. If gun control is questionable (as it is), I’d at least like my laws to make it illegal to kill someone who hasn’t aggressed against you. I don’t believe that’s too much to ask.


I’m sorry my news round up is mostly Texas-related stuff again. It’s a busy time, and I live in a state that’s in a simmering pot of upheaval at the moment.



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