Today is a Good Day!

NOTE: This post was accidentally drafted. I’m posting it anyway, even if the news is a bit late.



DOMA was defeated, Prop 8 was defeated, AND a filibuster and protest of an illegal after-session vote successfully defeated anti-women’s health legislation in Texas.


I’ll point out one point that may not be made by others. Scalia said in his opinion that this declares “open season on any law that (in the opinion of the law’s opponents and any panel of like-minded federal judges) can be characterized as mean-spirited.” I agree! THAT’S THE POINT! Our country is about equality and balance, as well as change. We did away with slavery, we whittled away racism (at least in our laws), and now we’re giving full rights to gay couples. If a law is unjust, it is made to be rewritten or removed.

Also, I wonder how this will begin affecting military gay couples? DOMA was all that stood between military benefits (ID cards, on-post housing, health insurance) and their marriages. Will gay couples now be treated as families by the military and its regulations?

PLEASE run for Texas governor! Please! We need someone like you to help us back on track as a reasonable and well-managed state! I am so happy and amazed by Senator Davis. Look at her history; clearly, she is a strong and driven individual.

The third article on this topic is very correct. The Texas Democratic voters have been waiting for someone to rally behind; the Democrats have long given up Texas as a state worth campaigning in. This may change things, along with programs like Battleground Texas.

Voting Rights Act Ruling Prompts Action By States

Grassroots programs like Battleground Texas and the like need to get out loud and early in the election cycles, get people registered, and offer all the assistance they can to voters. It’s worked to shore up numbers before, and it can work again. Everyone, be they Democratic or Republican (or Independent), has the right to vote; we should all ensure that every effort is made to get people ready to do so before the next season.

Los Angeles Bans Free Plastic Bags In Grocery Stores

You know, banning plastic bags can be really easy for everyone. Stores receive goods in boxes; many “green” grocery stores keep the smaller (2-5 gallon) boxes up front for customers to use. This recycles those boxes, which usually are sent to the trash by regular companies. When I worked in retail, we always threw boxes in the dumpster (as opposed to having a recycling bin for them). A little flexibility and adjustment is all you’d need to get any city (or country) to shift to a plastic bag ban.

USDA approves voluntary GMO-free label

Now that’s groovy! The USDA accepted and verified a GMO-free label from the Non-GMO Project; it means that they’ve certified the requirements to allow producers of specific animal products (eggs, meat, dairy) with GMO-free diets to use a standardized label. Small victory, but today is a good day!

Man faces 13 years in prison, $13K in fines for writing on city sidewalks with chalk

Bank of America claimed it took $6000 to clean up chalk? Have they never heard of the Dollar Store? All they needed was a hose and maybe a cheap broom; chalk is, by its very nature, non-permanent. This case is ridiculous.

I’m sorry! I’m so excited and happy about today’s main events that I’m having a hard time finding other (unrelated) news to share. By the time I have kids in school, I believe gay marriage will be a right in all states; clearly the national conversation is rapidly changing. I believe that there’s hope for Texas to stop being a perfect “red state” and start being the independent (read: undecided) state it should be; perhaps we’ll see that change as early as the midterm elections. I’m just filled with optimism and hope right now! ^_^


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