Random Blog Day (or, I got bored and this is what happened)

Today is a random blog day. I have extra time to kill, but there’s no news or entertaining blogs to browse. Instead, I’ve been left contemplating my life in random pieces.

I randomly collect comic books. It started with the proposal between Northstar and his boyfriend; I found it fascinating and fun that a comic would take that topic on. I also proceeded to buy the issue with Northstar’s marriage, an issue of X-Men with Wolverine kissing Hercules (and mentioning polyamory in the mix), and the recent all-female X-Men #1. I’m not a comic nerd, with my knowledge severely lacking… but I like the idea. I’ve acquired (via presents and 99 cent comics) a few Doctor Who issues, as well as random comics with art I appreciated. Who knows, they might be worth something?

I’m a big book nerd, but I’m trying to turn my book collection into all digital. Why? Because I want more space and less clutter. I love reading, and I love the smell of books… but I can use a Kindle and visit bookstores or libraries for those loves. The hardest part of transferring to a digital collection is a combination of availability and price. Many of my nonfiction books are out of print, or they were never available as ebooks. My fiction are also questionable; we just looked for a book in a trilogy the other day, only to discover it was also too old and not ebook-able.

I prefer listening to YouTube cover artists and their original work than most new artists in mainstream music. I think it’s more personal to be able to support someone who has no producer behind them (or marketing department, or PR person). Unfortunately, I mostly just give them praise (likes, positive comments), because they all seem to use iTunes… and I hate iTunes, so I don’t purchase anything via their store.

I’m not into collecting movies or music. Don’t get me wrong, I have some music, though most of it’s from burning my friends’ collection of certain artists. I own very few movies myself, maybe a couple dozen at the most. While I enjoy watching randomness via Netflix (like “The Sorcerer and the White Snake”), I don’t usually want to rewatch or own any of it. I experience a movie, then I move on. Unlike books (which I reread semi-regularly), movies just collect dust unless they’re of a certain quality. My Marvel movies get regular marathons, but that’s about it.

I pretty much fail at crafts. It’s my perfectionism, followed by my displeasure with things that take forever to complete. I like crafts that pump out results, like beadwork. Anything that takes longer, like candle and soap making, just gives me a headache. I suck at drawing, painting, and the like. I have a habit of trying lots of new things, but nothing ever sticks.

I like weird food. I like to make random things in my kitchen, then pop them in my mouth. I’m pretty adventurous, though I avoid spicy foods thanks to having the tongue of a three year old. I’ve traveled the world on my tongue when my feet couldn’t walk the distance.

I haven’t written fiction for so long that I’m worried I’ve lost the skill. It’s like my green thumb, which is currently black and capable of killing sand. I don’t feel a desire to write fiction most of the time, and when I do I’m in an inconvenient place where writing can’t happen (like at the doctor with a dead phone). It makes me feel a bit like a failure, since I’ve always dreamed of getting a novel published but have done nothing to reach toward that dream.

I’m allergic to mosquitoes. It means my bites itch really, really badly… and I often get blisters on each bite. I’m used to it, so I can usually ignore the bites and avoid itching. Not today. My ankles itch like a monster! I’m actually pretty lucky, though, when it comes to allergies.

In my house, I’m the only person without any real food allergies; instead, my core allergies mosquitoes, pollens, and manmade cleaners. I can’t use or be around most manmade chemicals; either my asthma acts up, or the body part that touches them starts to swell. It’s actually forced me to go greener than I was already going; I use vinegar to clean because I have to, not just to save our water. I use homemade laundry soap for the same reason. My life is a cautious dance of label-reading and guess-and-check use.

I like randomness and patterns. This blog is a randomness, but my usual blogs on news are a pattern. I love a random trip out of town, but the planner in me needs to know a basic outline of where we’re going and what we’re doing. I surround myself with non-planners specifically to pull me out of my comfort zone, because I enjoy a little unplanned fun in my life.

I’m a contradiction, most days. I’m a Vulcan dreamer, logic’s cheerleader who loves a good snub to convention. I’m a techno-hippy, able to hug tall trees with a single app. I’m a tomboy when it comes to the effort I put forth to be “girly”, but I wear a skirt most days by choice. I’m a pretty serious feminist, but my biggest dream is to just be a stay-at-home mom. I love living as a contradiction, because it means that nobody can really define me without getting something wrong.

I’m bored with this blog. Maybe it’s the after-lunch blahs, or maybe it’s the fact that I can only babble at myself for so long without losing my mind. Either way, I’ll see you tomorrow with the daily News Round Up.


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