News Round Up, Thursday, May 30, 2013

Random thought of the day: New people should ask more questions, to avoid frustrating old customers. I think one of the new nurses at my health clinic is “learning” how to submit prescriptions; I can tell because of both mine and my roommate’s medicines not being submitted to our pharmacy. My allergies are begging for relief; we’ll see if we can get them to do it right today!

Random question of the day: Would you buy hand-etched metal pendants for $2-4? I bought an etching pen the other day, and I’m apparently good at something crafty for once. I’m thinking of making zodiac and elemental pendants, then random artsy stuff. I’d like to open an Etsy store, but I’m only half sure anyone would be interested. (Then again, I’ve seen some of the “art” people try to sell on there…)


Doug Cox, Republican Lawmaker, Lambasts Oklahoma GOP For Anti-Birth Control Crusade

We need more doctors as politicians. To hear a Republican complain that his party is supposed to be against government in your personal life (a complaint I’ve made many times) is refreshing. I’d like to see more brave politicians, too, who buck the old ways in favor of logical progression. In other words, I want fiscal Republicans who are socially moderate (compared to their current party members).


Kansas Religion Bill Urges Military To Defend ‘Judeo-Christian Tradition’ Against Alleged Discrimination

Debunking the Christian Democracy Myth: Quotes from the Founding Fathers

No. Stop. We are NOT a Christian country, we were NOT founded to become one, and we have NO official religion. As a non-Christian, I find it offensive that Christians pretend to be persecuted while Wiccans had to fight for rights recently. In 2007 we fought and finally won to allow our religious symbol on veteran’s tombstones, and my local open circle on Fort Hood fought several years of backlash for simply existing, to include protests and vandalism from 1997-2000. We face false claims of Satanism and devil worship every day. WE could claim persecution, if we liked playing the victim (some do, many don’t). We don’t ask that every bunk or hotel carry candles and incense for our religion, nor do we require an invocation of the elements to begin secular events. Why not? Because we recognize the beauty and value in the separation of church and state.


Non-Approved Genetically Modified Wheat Found In Oregon Field, Says USDA

Talk about bad news for GMOs! It’s one thing for farmers to go and plant stuff by choice; it’s a whole ‘nother thing if they plants are spreading themselves or being “accidentally” planted. I’d be concerned too, as a farmer, considering the rules and regulations that other (smarter) countries have on GMOs and their approval. I hope they figure out what happened. I’m guessing it was a mistake more than malicious law-breaking; I’m no conspiracy theorist, so I don’t believe Monsanto tried to sneak in some GMO crop seeds or anything.


Miami Cops Choke Hold Teen for Staring at Them. A Puppy is Involved.

I don’t think a cop should automatically go for broke when someone pulls away from them (unless it’s someone they’re placing under arrest in the first place). The girl I mentioned yesterday had a similar issue with moving to grab the door “in a threatening manner”; I watched in her video as the cop flipped his shit when the maybe 120 pound girl reached past him for the door, and she ended up shoved into her kitchen and quickly kicked facedown onto her own floor. Instead of being jumpy, cops should try a basic pre-K lesson: “Use your words!”


Police in Brooklyn Are Told Not to Seize Condoms of Prostitutes

Unless a condom is used, the only proof it provides is that the carrier may want to practice safe sex at some point in the future. I’m glad that Brooklyn realized you can’t stop the spread of disease at the same time as you make carrying safety equipment a sign of illegal activity. I hope this change helps keep women safe, especially those who aren’t prostitutes by choice.


Meet the new X-Men: all women

I’m not a big comic collector, but I have a small collection of special issues from recent events. There’s the proposal and marriage of the first major gay superhero (North Star), as well as the gay kiss between Wolverine and Hercules (and a mention of polyamory!). Now I’ll go pick up this comic and see how it goes. I haven’t collected entire lines, just certain issues, but if it’s interesting enough, I’ll buy into it.


Patrick Stewart tries his ‘first-ever’ pizza slice, tweets results

Patrick Stewart is the most entertaining and attractive man in the world! He’s also a voice actor for American Dad, FYI. I love his humor and energy, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything he was in that I didn’t like.


Keith John Burnside’s rape conviction quashed on appeal

Ugh! So, to be fair… On one hand, I find it unacceptable to remove a conviction unless there’s adequate evidence that it was incorrect, such as the actual perpetrator coming forward or getting caught. Removing a rape conviction means allowing someone to possibly get away with rape. On the other hand, I have an issue with the rape being reported and prosecuted six years later, and I feel the attack the man suffered in addition to his jail time thus far are pretty adequate punishments for his crime.

That said, it’s hard to balance everything. I want rape victims to know they can come forward, even if the immediate attack has passed, and know that people will believe them and help them get justice. At the same time, waiting half a decade to press charges leaves a lot of time for other attacks, or for the person to grow and change; perhaps the victim was (unfortunately for them) the first and last person that assailant ever attacked, and they’ve tried to live with their horrible decision and learn from it. The answer isn’t clear, and I think our culture has a lot to do with it; we often blame the victim of rape for becoming a victim, and we brush off the crime of rape as bad communication or a misunderstanding too often.

Maybe, one day, it’ll all be clear cut and easy.


Eystna Blunnie murder: McLernon had attacked her before

Apparently the Brits can fail at doing the right thing, too. A man attacks and strangles his ex-girlfriend (7 months pregnant at the time), and no charges were brought against him. Two months later, his kills the 9 months pregnant woman. Surprise? I wouldn’t think so, not when his first assault was strangulation rather than hitting or kicking. Being so far along in her pregnancy, her baby was most definitely murdered as well (rather than, say, a fetus or zygote that couldn’t have lived outside of the mother at all). I hope prison is unkind to this man.


El Salvador court denies seriously ill woman abortion

And this is why legalized abortion, in some form, is necessary. A fetus with half a brain is pretty much dead already, a mother with lupus and kidney failure is pleading for her own health, and judges tell her to suck it up. You’ll be fine, sweetie! I hope the organizations supporting her do manage to get her out of country and into a place where she can get real help. After the woman who died in Ireland due to the same attitude on abortions, you’d think people would start to wake up.

I still think France has it best. Abortion is legal for all reasons up to 12 weeks, and it’s completely covered. After that, doctors have to rule a medical necessity (i.e. failed fetus formation, mother’s health, etc.). It’s a fair balance between the right of a child to live and the right of a woman to control her body, at least in my opinion.


GM salmon can breed with wild fish and pass on genes

Random thoughts on this article? I didn’t know salmon could cross-breed with trout. I do know that producing sterile females isn’t 100% effective, and that fish sometimes change sex. I don’t know what safeguards the FDA and USDA will put into place to keep these GM fish from getting out and populating in the wild. I do know that there are enough natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes to be weary of any locations near the coast. I don’t know whether or not these salmon will prove to be safe or harmful in the long run. I do know that they haven’t been tested over the lifetime of a human, so I’ll remain weary and watch others play guinea pig.


Army Base Takes a Shine to Solar

Good job, Fort Bliss! I lived there for a couple years at the end of high school and beginning of college. It’s almost always sunny, in every season. Harnessing that into solar power makes sense, just like using wind turbines to generate power makes sense in windy areas and water turbines makes sense near bodies of moving water. I like seeing the Army make steps forward in important areas, because they tend to drag everyone else along for the ride.



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