News Round Up, Friday, May 17, 2013

Random commentary of the day: I got into an argument with a Star Wars fan by accident. On an article about not having to pick sides, I agreed with another commenter that it was all a matter of personal taste. Some fanboy proceeded to write a long-winded argument that Star Wars is THE show/movie/series to be a fan of, period. I explained that I prefer realism, especially sci-fi that includes my own planet (Earth) as well as my species (human). He replied that the Force is real and is used by politicians and other charismatic leaders to control the masses. My response? Okay then………….. I still prefer Star Trek.

House Votes For Obamacare Repeal Again

I’m tired of the symbolic voting in our Congress. Seriously, instead of wasting time so new representatives can put on record their political views, how about we work on that budget that’s overdue? I do, however, love the White House’s response at the end of the article.

Republicans Altered Benghazi Emails, CBS News Report Claims

So… did I just read that right? The Republicans leaked emails about Benghazi AFTER altering them to fit the talking points they’ve been on and on about… then rereleased correct ones after the White House released a real set? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Can we NOT outright lie and cheat to get our way, PLEASE? That’s so childish!

Homophobia’s Cruel Mother’s Day

Never abandon family. You can disagree, argue, scratch and fight. You can stop talking for a while, refuse each others calls, and ignore emails. But when sorrow and death touch a family member’s life, you damn well better stand up!

John Andrew Welden Accused Of Killing Girlfriend’s Fetus By Trickery

This guy took away his ex-girlfriend’s choice to have a baby by slipping her abortion medications. I’m pro-choice, and he broke my rules by taking away the woman’s choice to become a mother. I hope he spends a LONG time in jail for his assault.

Jim Matheson, Mike McIntyre Stand As Only Democrats To Vote For Obamacare Repeal

I actually find this media habit amusing, on the Democrat side. We take people who voted against something we consider positive (like expanded health care access), and we shame them. We don’t let it go until [a] they change their minds, [b] they get voted out of office, or [c] both. Maybe a smart guy, wanting to keep his position next election cycle, could sit out the 37th vote to repeal an existing law?

Karen Handel Announces Run For Senate In Georgia

This lady annoys the bejeezus out of me! I’m definitely biased, as a prior user of Planned Parenthood (for STD and cancer screening, as well as birth control). I find her attitude ridiculous, just as I find my governor Rick Perry to be an insensitive and bullheaded twit. In fact, anyone and everyone who pretends that Planned Parenthood is just for abortions needs to sit down and shut up; I’m tired of stupid people trampling the facts. UGH!

Elizabeth Warren Vows To Fight Legislation Weakening Dodd-Frank

I wish Elizabeth Warren was my representative! I may not fully understand the reforms and laws she’s fighting to keep in place sometimes, but I trust her to know what she’s talking about. She’s also proven a desire to help us, the People, instead of corporate interests. Everytime she makes the news, I applaud.

South Africa Initiation Ceremonies Result In 23 Deaths In Mpumalanga Province

I like to see this kind of modernization of a traditional, tribal ritual. Instead of outlawing initiation ceremonies, the government in South Africa has regulated them in a way that allows for the rites of passage to occur with as few unnecessary deaths as possible. While 23 is a large number, in relation to the 30,000 registered participants this year it is very small percentage.

GE Crop Thriller Leaves Bond and Bourne for Dust

I’m not surprised or upset that our government lobbies in other countries for laws that benefit our corporations; at this point, that’s par for the course. However, I had an interesting discussion with my friend the other day on GE foods. I have no issue with a GMO that contains *only* plant genes; by that, I mean that a potato hybridized from various types of potatoes is groovy. It’s when we start putting bacteria genes in a strawberry and similar junk that I get nervous, mostly by the lack of thorough testing (and the new proteins and enzymes created by the added genes). I’m all for biotech to help feed our planet! I just want it done safely.

Amy’s Baking Company Reopening On Tuesday With Sold Out Event

HA! These twits were horrible people, threw a tantrum on television, then proceeded to bitch and moan on the internet. Now they’ve realized their mistake and are trying to fix their business. Do you know why the reopening is sold out? Because everyone loves to watch a train wreck!

Organic Food Industry Gains Clout On Capitol Hill, Causing Tensions Within Congress

Muuahaha! Us hippies are ruining everything! Oh no! In all actuality, this whole debate is one big joke. An amendment to allow “Got Milk?” style organic campaigns isn’t a big deal to anyone but farmers, and it only seems fair to allow organic farmers to opt into a similar publicity campaign.

Starbucks Diaper Change Prompts Call To Police

I have to say, I like this dad’s response, but it wasn’t the best choice. You’re in Starbucks, and there’s no changing table. As you change your baby in the seating area, some punk gives you grief over it. At this point, the best way to handle the situation is to ask for a manager… generally from another department. Then you explain what happened calmly but firmly, and demand action.

From managerial experience, I can tell you that you should also contact corporate once you leave the store; unless this is a repeated offense, the manager is mostly likely just going to “talk to” the associate in question, without filing a formal write-up report. By contacting corporate, you send the wrath of hell down the food chain and someone gets a write-up for sure. Trust me, I was that unfortunate manager faced with a rude associate; I know what I’m talking about.

Preschool threatens to dismiss worker for lunch food choice

…O.o? So… you can’t eat a lunch from home if you work for this school? Or is it just her special, healthier-than-the-school-lunch lunch that offends school officials? This is stupid. Period.


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