Vlog Project Update

My vlog project is under way, but WOW! it’s hard!

I hate being on camera. I’m a perfectionist, and nothing I do (the words, nonverbal communication, lighting) is good enough. That said, it’s a LOT of work to get myself comfortable with reality rather than perfection.

Reality is beautiful.

And unpredictable.

And messy.

I’ve realized that I can’t emulate some of my favorite Youtubers, because I lack the equipment and skills. All I have is a basic camera and my Windows Movie Maker (or Youtube’s own editor… they’re the same thing).

I started off recording an introduction, Lesson Zero if you will. It was a description of myself and why I was teaching Wicca via Youtube. Half a dozen takes later, and I have a mildly tolerable video clip that covers half of what I meant to say. I look awkward and uncomfortable, because I am.

My plan to fix this is giving up… on my original copycat formating. Instead of a head-on, report-to-audience build where I’m staring at a camera babbling, I want to try filming myself talking to my friend/editor Sarah. With the camera set next to her, I can talk and make eye contact (and receive nonverbal feedback) with a human being. It won’t be as clean or professional as my original idea, but it will be more affective; I’m at my best when I’m rambling to a friend.

My goal is to have 1-3 videos ready for editing and posting by this weekend. I’m not sure how realistic that will be, but I’m hopeful… I want to get this project out there!

Once I have videos to post, I’ll be sharing them here (as well as on my Facebook). The point is for them to be seen, right? Until then, it’s off to work I go! My notes won’t write themselves!


One thought on “Vlog Project Update

  1. Love it! I personally cringe at the site of myself on you tube 🙂 I too am highly critical both of what I say and how I say it and no matter how many times I stop start that damn camera, I will always be able to find multiple flaws in what I’ve said or neglected to say (its for this reason I’m better on paper lol) and I know many others feel the same. So, just go for it because its fun and something constructive to do with your spare time. Good luck! Blessings✬

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