Adventures in Vegetarianism: Week Two

This second week, I have to admit I’ve been lazy. I stuck to simple foods, like microwave-steamed squash and grilled cheese. But I did manage to try one unique recipe this morning…


Well, tofu bacon. Found at: .

Let me start with the PRO’s of the recipe. The texture was great; it turns out very crispy like bacon. In a salad or something, I could even let it slide as a bacon replacement. The flavor isn’t too bad, but it’s not great either. I’m currently eating mine with a bit of ketchup.

Ketchup makes ANYTHING edible.

The CON’s? To be fair, it’s not dead pig, so of course it doesn’t satisfy like bacon does. That wasn’t my issue. I have an issue with the recipe and its instructions.

First, I’ve never heard of “nutritional yeast”. I’m sure it can be found in health food stores, blah blah blah. I cheated and skipped that ingredient; after all, this was supposed to be an experiment in easy vegetarian dishes.

Second, the instructions act like 14 ounces of tofu will fit into one pan. The recipe I originally found didn’t have a photo, so I went with cutting my tofu “into strips, to resemble bacon”. That meant that mine were pretty thin, which allowed for great crisping during the cooking process. But I had to do three different batches to cook it all; that meant that I couldn’t follow the instructions that said to just dump all of the seasonings in and cook it. I made it work, but they could’ve been more specific/realistic.

Third, it wasn’t dead pig. I lied, it matters. The seasonings make the tofu have flavor, but it’s not even close to bacon-y to me. Then again, I’m an omnivore by trade, so I can’t help but be picky about that. However, if someone made this tofu a little thicker and didn’t say anything about bacon, it might be a yummy meatless dish.

These two weeks have shown me a few things. For one, I was right. I can easily go without meat, and when I do eat meat I can limit it to small amounts or even just one meal a day. For two, good food doesn’t have to be a time-and-money hog. You can make delicious dishes with very little prep or fuss. And three, I like to pretend like I have three points, even when it’s really just two.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this experiment, short-lived as it was. Join me next week for “The Ethical Omnivore”, a blog on the ethics of veganism vs vegetarianism vs normal consumption vs meat-heavy diets.


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