I love…

I love chocolate.
I love puppies. And kittens.
I love my family, even my brother Derek.
I love days off, especially with friends.
I love a bowl of popcorn, but only while watching a movie or TV.
I love a hot shower, even in the middle of summer.
I love sarongs, the BEST clothing ever invented.
I love a good joke. The dirtier, the better.
I love the way everything smells after a rainstorm.
I love the feel of cool, wet sand between my toes.
I love thongs, because they make me feel sexy.
I love dancing, for the same reason… only, I can show it off in public without being arrested.
I love young children, especially when they’re adorably shy.
I love fruity mixed drinks, almost as much as I love Randy’s homemade meads.
I love a corny romance, especially when the lovers fall into each other’s arms for the first time.
I love a corny love song, because it reminds me of the corny romance book I just read.
I love the smell of a new book. Mmmm.
I love sugar cookies fresh from the oven, but only between November and January.
I love my circle, my spiritual family, for every moment of laughter and celebration.
I love my closest friends for their souls, because like recognizes like.
I love my scruffy man-thing, because he makes my life meaningful.
I love my cat Loki for being bat-shit crazy.
I love my pillow. Mom made it years ago.
I love the smell of warm, just-dried laundry.
I love curling up in the shade on a sunny day and taking a nap.
I love cuddling with people I love. It’s very bonding for me.
I love hugs. Enough said.
I love the way you bite your lip. You know who you are.
I love walking in a creek, as long as it’s not too full of algae. (I don’t love the slipping or falling.)
I love random thought trains to nowhere. The destination’s always fascinating, but the ride ROCKS.
I love sharing. This world could do with a lot more interconnectedness.

I love you! Even if you’re a random stranger, or someone I haven’t spoken to in years, I love you for existing. Because I know for a fact that someone’s life is better for your existence. Without you, something would be lacking. And if you’re a loved one (or beloved one), then you have to be aware that my love is unconditional, untameable, and completely non-refundable. Remember when times are hard that love is all around you, and even when you’re at the bottom… someone, something, someplace loves you. ^_^


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